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  1. It's hard to make decisions without all the offers on the table 😕
  2. I have a great offer from my second choice, but I am not ready to accept because I'm still holding out on my top choice 😕
  3. Has anyone on this thread also applied for PhDs in genetics?
  4. Anyone still waiting to hear back from programs? I interviewed with 3 places in January, and I've only heard back from one. I feel like it's unusual to send out acceptances to PhD programs in late March/April. I havent even been officially told I'm waitlisted yet either. Ahhhhh freak out with me
  5. I think flowers are great. If that seems inappropriate or unwelcome to give to your professor, maybe food? (Like homemade cookies or an edible arrangement). Like the others said, gifts from current students are usually frowned upon (possibly seen as a bribe) and even if you are graduated, it's safe to assume your professor is doing alright financially and not necessarily appreciative of monetary gifts.
  6. Excitement: I am accepted to a good PhD program with full funding. Worry: I am heart-set on attending a particular school. It's been nearly 2 months since my interview there and I have heard nothing!
  7. Move to the new school and start a lab rotation over the summer
  8. I'm gonna scream My top choice said they would try to let us know by Feb 21. This week I sent out a total 4 emails to 3 different addresses and I have not heard anything. 0_0 Bad timing but i just bought a car and i need to know what state to register it in.....
  9. I haven't heard anything from my top choice and I'm afraid I've been waitlisted. Is it still too early to email and ask? My interview was a month ago and they wrapped up the last interviews two weeks ago. I know it's still February but i had the understanding that acceptances would have gone out by now. Is there a correct way to ask?
  10. Thank you for the suggestion! I plan on finding this book. I found these notes online of one of his seminars.Worth reading! https://bsosundergrad.umd.edu/sites/bsosundergrad.umd.edu/files/Graduate School tips- Donald Asher presentation.pdf
  11. I would also be curious to see what percentage of their acceptances did not submit a GRE. I image that some programs are recognizing that GRE test scores do not speak to an applicant's potential in a graduate program. Also, it can be extremely expensive. Overall, GREs could be a barrier that prevent otherwise brilliant students from submitting an application package. I imagine that most GRE-optional programs would like test scores, although they don't want to exclude anyone on that one factor alone.
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