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  1. I was accepted two weeks ago and on my email they provided me with the funding information (relocation allowance, stipend and health insurance).
  2. Does anyone know the acceptance rate for NYU Sackler post interview?
  3. Has anyone that interviewed in NYU Sackler for Genes, Cells and Organisms has received any acceptance yet?
  4. does anyone know if NYU Sackler started sending acceptances to Microbiology/Genes Cells and Organisms students?
  5. I saw an NYU Sackler acceptance on the results section. The real anxiety just started
  6. We should start receiving acceptances starting this week. am I right?
  7. Did you write directly to the program? NYU Sackler has about 6 interview weekends. The last one is in the week of March 1.
  8. HEY!!! What did they tell you guys about notifying the admitted students?
  9. Any news from Weill Cornell BCMB program? I haven't received anything!
  10. Hello All, In your experience, what has been your journey after the interview day? Do schools usually tell how many people (percentage) they accept after the interview? Do they receive acceptance letters on a specific day or in a range of days/weeks?
  11. Worries: I had an interview last week and thought it went weird. I felt I connected with 3/4 of the interviewers very well, but 1/4 I believed it did not went well. I didn't say anything bad, I just felt that we did not had as good chemistry as the other 3 interviewers. Also, this is my 3rd cycle of applications. Excitement: 3/4 of my interviews went well. I am excited for that part.
  12. they will send an interview itinerary today. You will have a full day of interview with a couple of opportunities to interact with students, postdocs and professors. Please, do not put additional pressure on yourself. Conversations during the interview were pretty relaxed, as long as you know what you did on your research experiences and as long as you know why you want to pursue a career on science. Be yourself and let your thoughts flow. Best of luck
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