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  1. Hey.... I will be joining the Direct PhD program from Fall 2019 at UGA. Congratulations for your offer in UGA!
  2. Some require GRE programs and some don't. I think their are many options in both the cases.
  3. Well, let me make it clear that I didn't send wrong applications to wrong departments. This will never be accepted by the university itself. Also, I asked the reasons for rejection which was definitely not what you are thinking. My choice of program was not a problem anywhere. I know you were not doubting my abilities as an applicant but the way you said made you sound as if you are damn sure that this is the reason for my rejection which is not true. Anyways, lets end this discussion here. I wish you good luck for your application profile.
  4. I respect your views and I certainly know what you talking about but even try to understand my view. The way its addressed in my country is pretty different. Anyways I don't want to discuss any further.
  5. Well, I guess I am not stupid enough that I just simply apply to any random discipline. My graduation was in biotechnology which can have a different curriculum in different countries. For example, MICaB program is Microbiology and Immunology related PhD and I had 5 such subjects in my semesters in college. I did 2 projects in Micro and Immuno. I also checked the curriculum of these universities. Also, it's not like I have done my graduation in Physics and then I am applying in Chemistry for my higher studies. Secondly, please don't judge anyone just by seeing the number of rejections. Th
  6. All of them belong to Biomedical Engineering. Also, BIMS means Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program.
  7. Anybody who has heard back from University of Virginia, BIMS program?
  8. Anybody who has heard back from University of Virginia BIMS program?
  9. Has anyone heard back from University of Virginia or University of Alabama, Birmingham in Biomedical Sciences? If yes, please reply.
  10. Is there anybody who has received an interview or admission call from Univ of Chicago, Univ of Virginia or Univ of Alabama, Birmingham? Please reply of you have been sent any invite. I just want to know because I haven't heard back from these yet. Any idea about these?
  11. Yes, I am Indian. Doing PhD here means slogging for 8-9 years. Also, just like any other human, I had a dream to do it from abroad.
  12. Thank you for your motivation but I waited for another year. Also, it's about circumstances at home. Not everytime everything goes favourable. Anyways thank you for your supportive kind words. They mean a lot.
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