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  1. trollsloot

    Ann Arbor, MI

    From asking graduate students my own experience (been looking and asking), not easy at all especially in Ann Arbor. You'll have to pretty much have to keep checking for openings and 99% of decent places have near 100% occupancy. There have been quite a few openings in Ypsilanti though.
  2. trollsloot

    Los Angeles, CA

    USC has graduate housing, look into that. As for decent areas around USC look at Echo Park, West Adams, Silverlake, maybe Koreatown and Culver City. It also really depends on how much you can afford to pay a month/how long of a commute you can handle.
  3. trollsloot

    Los Angeles, CA

    One main factor to consider: will you have a car? LA is massive, are you looking at places near USC? If you live in say Venice, it will be a pretty long commute to USC, no matter what form of transportation you use. Where do you need to be close to?
  4. They've already interviewed their candidates last week and are planning to send offers soon. UCSC is still in the review process. Hope this helps.
  5. Does anyone have any tips for interviews? Should I review what I put in the essays or is it more expanding on it? What are they looking for when they ask the question "Is there anything you'd like the admissions committee to know?"
  6. Yes. I had the opportunity to ask how offers are sent out with the chair and admissions coordinator of a department at school known to be slow on decisions. As I've been told, the April 15th deadline is only for their strongest applicants. They implied that there is a filter in place because they reviewed 2500+ applications in a month and sent out initial waves already. Everyone else is on some waitlist. There are two waitlists, one for the department and faculty. The chair told me that a faculty member might have 2 spots open but 10 students they're interested in. Since students decline offers they start going down that list in order (usually after the deadline). As a result, applicants could receive offers by the end of May or even June.
  7. OP is bitter and downvoted all my posts. The fact that you took the time out to do that reflects on your own character. Congratulations, enjoying the reprisal? Let me quote things that reek of entitlement: Yeah sure, is that why you went and downvoted all my posts? Graduate school and beyond is not without failures. It's best to not think too much about the feedback/decision you received and work towards improving yourself (application) for next time. Your bitterness won't help you.
  8. trollsloot

    Irvine, CA

    Don't stay in Los Angeles if you can (since you're just visiting Irvine). The traffic on the highway is insane. It'll take 1.5 hours to get to Irvine if you fly into LAX driving on the 405. Fly into John Wayne Airport (SNA) which is pretty much next to UCI. If you really want to stay in between. try Long Beach. Shouldn't UCI find accommodations for you? If not, find an AirBnb (hotels in California are expensive).
  9. Same here. I think they mean biomedical/biological sciences. If you check this website https://grenotrequired.com/stem/ you'll see that many engineering programs still require the GRE.
  10. Depends on what you want to do in Irvine/OC. IIRC, there aren't any trains like LA. Buses are crappy in Irvine. Wanna go to Newport Beach from UCI? Takes the same time to get there if you rode a bike. UCLA and the surrounding areas (West LA, Santa Monica, Hollywood) are pretty accessible without a car though. Still a slog to get anywhere though (hope you're aware of the traffic down there). You'll be taking a bus and then transferring to the Metro Orange Line usually.
  11. Haha, I submitted mine at 4:59. Forgot to fill out the personal info form and had to quickly fill it out. Too close. Do we need 4 letters for a competitive application?
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