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  1. I know that the final deadline for accepting offers is 15th of April, but I was wondering if it is possible to receive admission/GRA offers after that date if a faculty members wants you to join their lab.
  2. I see, thank you for your contribution. This year is full of headaches, stress and hard decisions lol. I just hope if I were to choose Rice, I would be able to publish enough quality papers to be competitive for faculty positions in the future.
  3. Hello, I got admitted to Rice PhD engineering program and to Virginia Tech PhD engineering program. Both fully funded however, I can have much better life with rice stipend compared to VT's where I can just survive. Here is my question, the adviser for Rice is very young he graduated in 2018 from top 5 school, he is very nice with five papers, two of them are published in nature journal. Also, his lab is concerned with exactly the area that I desire and want to do research in. On the other hand the adviser in VT is became a full professor 3 years ago, he is not one of the nicest people you will meet but he isn't very bad. He have a very good number of citations and have running projects and he graduated from top 1 university, however I will be doing research not exactly in the area that I prefer. I want to eventually pursue a career in academia as a faculty member, Which choice have the higher chance to make this easier, the more prestigious Rice or the more experienced professor. Note: I'm an international student.
  4. Im an undergraduate mechanical engineering student, with only one semester left for me to graduate as the time for applying to graduate programs is approaching I was wondering what I can do more to improve my chances of getting a scholarship in USA or Europe, so right now I have a published paper in a respected journal also currently im putting my final touches on another research paper I have been working on with a different professor at my department, also I co-founded an ASME chapter in my department, Im currently studying for my GRE and IELTS and I expect to achieve good marks Im most likely to graduate with a 3.6 gpa I know it isnt the best but I slacked in my second year, here comes my question what can i do more to improve my chances further and people who have past experience in what Im going through right now please advice me do I have a real or a solid chance to be accepted in a scholarship
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