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  1. Didn't get it. for the second year in a row. The Spanish Fulbright Commission can officially go fuck itself. Best of luck to everyone who is still waiting to hear.
  2. In the Spanish full research grant competition. Didn't get the grant, and am more than a little bit humiliated and crushed. Am now determined to write a truly revolutionary dissertation, and then to ram it into their bloody faces and make them rue the day they chose not to link their name to mine. Best of luck to everyone else in the competition.
  3. A friend of mine, who has a full grant right now told me that he and his fellows are able to leave the country at will, the sole restriction being that they have a cap of days - something on the order of 21 - they can take out of the country. If they exceed this number, then it is their responsibility to remain in-country after the end of the grant period (June 14th, I believe) for the same number of days they exceeded this allotment, thereby making them up.
  4. I think I speak for all full grant applicants when I say the following: GODDAMNITALLTOHELL!!!!!!!!!! I want to know NOW!
  5. Respectfully, I'm not sure if I entirely agree with that, at least inasmuch as my own discipline - History - is concerned. It is certainly true that the volume of information that one can gather during a year's time has increased exponentially thanks to new technology and that, conversely, the amount of time required to gather a specific amount of information (say, the amount necessary in 1959 to produce a dissertation) has decreased. However, standards within the discipline have not remained static either. Over the last few decades, there has been a clearly demonstrable increase in the "bu
  6. Probably too soon to tell, but any further news on the Spain competition?
  7. Wait... so are you saying that the three extra grantees who were selected were ETA applicants, not full grant applicants?
  8. To quote Dilbert: Urge to kill...rising... other people who are going absolutely bonkers because of the delay: can I get a hell yeah?
  9. TheMole

    New York, NY

    First off, nice username! Second of all, if you're willing to get a roommate, then I would recommend checking out Fort Greene, down in Brooklyn. It's going to be a bit of a haul to Columbia, though. Downtown Brooklyn is nice, too, and the housing market has collapsed some there, since a bunch of developers built these absolutely insanely nice luxury towers and then couldn't sell the properties, leading to renting at cheap rates. I would caution you to not entirely discount Manhattan. The top of the island isn't too shabby - I live in Washington Heights, though currently I'm in Madrid for a
  10. TheMole

    New York, NY

    To the original poster, my main piece of advice would be this: don't worry about walking to campus. The subway is, after all, your friend! Besides, Morningside Heights is nice enough, but you can get a much better deal elsewhere. Here are the things you should keep in mind: 1. expect to have something of a commute. That's just life in NYC. The subway is convenient and will take you virtually anywhere you want to go, but from Morningside down to the Lower East side runs about 30-40 minutes, and that's using the fastest options (express trains, and savvy planning). Even if you live a block a
  11. Yay! UDel is a great place - I strongly considered going there for my M.A. I've never had him in class - after all, I never did go there - but Prof. Jesus Cruz (Spanish History) is an amazing, first-rate scholar and a super-nice guy. Hope you get to work with him in some capacity at some point!
  12. TheMole

    New Brunswick, NJ

    To those seeking housing in NB: Get a roommate. Live in Highland Park, especially if you don't own a car, or Edison, if you do own one and you don't mind having to drive to campus. Pay between $500-700/month plus whatever your share of the utilities are. Yep, that's what you should do. And on the 18k/year fellowship, you will manage this well enough to eat out occasionally and go out for those beers with your colleagues. Oh, word to the wise: Tuesday nights at the Olive Branch (behind the campus center), it's $1.00 Yuengling night, and 50 cent pizza slices until I think 7:45 or so.
  13. To all of you - Enjoy yourselves in fair Amherst! I did my undergrad at Amherst College, and LOVED IT!
  14. TheMole

    New Brunswick, NJ

    More procrastinating... RaoulDuke: I haven't heard of the building you're describing, so I'm guessing it's single student housing. I only know about that type of housing second-hand. My colleague hated it and moved out halfway through the year. I believe his main complaint was the noise. Note that, to the best of my recollection, single student housing is either intermingled with or at least very near undergraduate housing. As for married/family housing, oh, could I tell you stories. Do NOT move into the one-bedroom option. Just...no. There weren't any roaches, and your utility bill i
  15. TheMole

    New Brunswick, NJ

    Procrastinating... To Rebeccafav: Welcome to the department! Well...that's if you accept the offer I'm a second year, mid-exams. I'm no medievalist - a specialist in Modern Europe, actually, focusing on 20th Century Spain - but I did come in with an MA (hence the mid-exams bit in my second year), and I can probably fill you in a bit on how that works, having already transferred credits, and taken the minor exam. It's actually a lot less complicated than the program statement makes it out to be. As far as finishing on time, I will tell you that you should politely ignore what they'
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