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  1. Hello German ETA-ers, Have any of you found out which city/town you will be placed in? I received a letter last Friday. Looks like I'm living in Muenchen for a year! Anybody else in Bayern? :-)
  2. I got my letter yesterday. Which state did you apply for? I'm going to Bayern.
  3. Rachel told me the same thing, and she sounded pretty steadfast about it so I didn't push any further. Maybe some region admins are more flexible than others
  4. I read it too and recommend it. I also recommend Ladies Coupe by Anita Nair. I love her style!
  5. Hello German ETA-ers, Do any of you know if Germany requires specific testing/bloodwork for the medical clearance? I just got my acceptance and am scrambling to get the medical component done. Thanks for your help!
  6. I think we have to e-mail the Fulbright Kommission, the PAD, and IIE. The e-mail address is on the letter.
  7. Thank you for informing us! Just a quick question though. By Germany, did she mean full grants or ETAs?
  8. Has any German ETA here not received a letter? Seems like everyone I know is getting a letter from Germany except me!
  9. Yikes! That's a lot of money. I applied "at large" since I graduated last summer, so I definitely cannot have my college pay for it. I wonder if there's anyway to get the prices lowered. I'm uninsured and don't make a lot of money. :-( Any suggestions folks?
  10. Welcome! Did you apply for a grant? I'm sorry to hear about your friend. He can always try next year. Do you know if the FSB has made their final decisions for everyone? I had the impression that we would not receive notification until mid April or so.
  11. I haven't received a letter yet, so I'm not completely sure. I think that all the procedures must been done here first and cleared by the State department. J the Z, do you know how much the physical will cost? Hopefully not too much!
  12. Congrats! That's wonderful news. :-)
  13. For ETAs or full grants? This is the best news I've heard all week!
  14. I've read within in a matter of a couple weeks to over a month. You have to get medical clearance, that's for sure, but what that entails, I'm clueless.
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