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  1. Also do any of you know of a Fulbright forum? Best and Thanks!
  2. Best of luck to you both! I'm still torn b/w Country A (more competitive) and Country B (less competitive). I feel really excited about Country A and already have someone who wants to work with me but I don't know what my competition is which is scary. I'm not sure if my doubt is out of fear or intuition. I hate being unable to discern between the two lol.
  3. I'm not in undergraduate anymore so my deadline is thankfully a little later. I think you should definitely apply When is yours due?
  4. Hi, I've only had experiences with undergraduate research mentors, and so far I can't say I've had AMAZING ones. It seems many of my friends have had really great mentor experiences where they do really amazing things. My experience seems to consist of me doing data entry, going to meetings, and doing independent research on my own. Don't get me wrong, my mentors have been great in the sense that I've learned a lot about HOW to think, and a lot about the topic. But I never really felt like I got to spend a lot of one on one time. Also, I can be a bit shy around my mentors because I fee
  5. Hi! I am new to the cafe (sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section). I wanted to see if anyone else is applying for the Fulbright 2010-2011? I'm a little torn on which country to choose since they're both very competitive (both in Western Europe). I feel like I have a really strong background in research, and have interned/researched a lot. But I wouldn't say I'm exceptional which has got me worried. I am considering two countries, one is less competitive and one is highly competitive (but is the one I truly want to go to, and is more relevant to my research topic). I'm considering apply
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