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  1. I really tried to be positive but the rejection from NYU really just took everything out of me
  2. Hey guys, Sackler had the last batch of interviews this past week and the committee met today from what I have been told. So they are not done with decisions judging from this. I for one, have been anxious and almost about to start plugging my eyebrows...my PI said the path of science never gets easier, especially the waits (for applications, grants, etc) and I guess we should all take their word for it. Mental health is a big deal...it is necessary to check in with yourself every once in a while and dont let the self-doubts and anxiety take over you.
  3. Anyone interviewed at CSHL has heard back from the office yet? Looks like they are sending out offers these two days.
  4. Anyone knows if UCLA GPB would (or has historically been willing to) provide alternative interview dates?
  5. Chapel Hill is alright in LGBTQ+ matters. Especially as a grad student, you will be fine here. The science departments are great and have a ton of queer ppl here and there. But also theres not so much of like queer scenes here...entertainment wise it is pretty limited. Def cannot compare with places like SanFran, LA, Boston etc. It depends on what you are expecting I guess. It is a cute little college town and you will get comfortable here.
  6. I know that Carolina is currently in the middle of a snowstorm and UNC is shut down due to the weather (see their website). This potentially slows things down ? or maybe they also send emails in waves say every Friday or so.
  7. Oof I applied to Sackler and GSAS (neural science). I just love NYC to death...hope can hear back from either of them soon!
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