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  1. Just confirmed UCSD neuro has done sending out their invites - they do have a waitlist but only 4 ppl on it.
  2. Just got a rejection from Mount Sinai but I actually feel better right now they don't leave me hanging.
  3. Just my two cents - I don't think it would put you into any disadvantage for admission since you already made it to the interview (Congrats!). But I think if it's possible, visiting the school and the city before matriculating is pretty necessary. After all, you have to live and work there for at least 5 yrs.
  4. Congrats! Is it Neurobiology and Behavior? If so, would you mind sharing which track did you apply?:)
  5. After 3 weeks of radio silence, finally got my first invite from Weill Cornell!!!!
  6. Chatting with a POI at Penn today and from my understanding what she meant was NGG sent out quite some interviews but they are not done yet? There might still have chances to hear back before the holiday... I am trying to hold a little more hope here... Also, UCSD might send out invites on 18th/19th from what I heard (they have ~550 apps this year OMG)
  7. I really hope they are not but it seems like they pretty much sent out at once from past years...:(
  8. Anxiety is eaten me... Thought to post my stats tho it's much weaker than everyone else here lol Undergrad: Current senior at UCSD GPA: 3.74 GRE/TOEFL : N/A Background: International, Asian female Research experience --> ~.5 year at a cancer lab (basic bench work); less than 1 year at a psychiatry lab (current lab, conducting senior thesis) Publication: 1 second-author pub just accepted (IF~12), no posters:( LOR: one from my current PI which should be very strong (I LOVE HER SO MUCH); two from profs, both are amazing PIs at UCSD - one I did well in her cla
  9. I heard some words about they compare applicants within similar research interest area...but I'm not sure tho, Idk why they don't put that question on the online application. Now it just made me start to overthink everything lmao.
  10. Hi! Just wondering did everyone applying to UCSD NGP received a email survey asking their interested research area?
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