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  1. What did you indicate your subfield of interest to be for UMMS? I’ve seen waves of rejections/acceptances and it makes me wonder if they move by field of interest within the umbrella program so figured I’d ask
  2. Does anyone who went to one of the BU Bioinformatics Open Houses know anything about when we might hear back? I don’t remember them saying anything about a timeline on my date
  3. I would guess so? Unless they’re sending out decisions as they make them, but i was told it would be maybe next week so I don’t imagine they’re doing it that way.
  4. I did! They said they haven’t made the majority of their decisions because they’re still interviewing international candidates and to expect news maybe next week, possibly the week after.
  5. Thanks for your insight! It’s sort of nice to hear that at least I’m not alone in being confused. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see if anything changes next week then
  6. No, they didn't say anything. When I was there on the 24th, they mentioned they were wrapping up decisions from the first weekend (the 9-10) and getting ready to send those out, so I expected maybe 2-3 weeks or so from my date, which is why I'm surprised they seemed to have sent out decisions for the second weekend just a week after it happened. Thanks for your insight though, it sucks it's the weekend but I'll try and contact them next week to see if they have any more info about my status.
  7. Oh I see, thanks for sending that Any idea if I haven't heard anything yet there's still hope at this point?
  8. Was that on the results page or in a different forum?
  9. Did anyone who attended the second UMass Med interview date hear any news back yet? The Jan 23-24 date. I saw one result from the first interview date that was 3 weeks after that one so I’m wondering when to expect news
  10. Dang. Let me know if you do hear anything or end up calling them next week
  11. I contacted them last week and they said it'll be sometime this week, which isn't a detailed response but it's all I know for now. A bunch of other results for other programs are popping up on the results page for Brown from today but that could mean nothing for any specific program
  12. Does anyone have an idea what the timeline for Brown’s CCMB might be? There’s very few results posted from previous years so I’m curious
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