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  1. For anyone wondering, I reached out to Yale and they said they’ve sent out all their interviews. Makes sense at this point but figured I’d post it in case anyone else was still half-hoping like me
  2. I’m wondering if there’s any good strategies that anybody has for how to ask good questions when PI’s talk about their research during an interview/open house. I always seem to freeze up when they talk about what their lab does and I overthink about how I should have questions, but I’m so busy doing that so then I come up with nothing. I’m not super knowledgeable in the field I’m applying for since it’s outside of what my research so far has been - so lots of the people interviewing me are doing research on things I’m unfamiliar with. I don’t want to ask super duper basic methods questions, but I’m also worried about being too overwhelmed to ask anything at all. Does anyone have strategies they use to come up with meaningful questions while they tell you about their research? Or questions you use often to ask about research that can apply to a lot of topics or projects?
  3. Yes I did. My email didn’t say anything about the 14-15 so I’m not sure if this is the alternate date? I wish I had made the list for the weekend instead of the Wednesday one, but I’m still happy to be invited at all. Maybe try reaching out to see what their status is?
  4. I heard back from BU today - invite to an open house on feb 19th!
  5. Has anyone heard from BU yet? Seemed like they send out invites later based on previous year’s posts but figured I’d ask. Is it safe to assume Yale CBB and Columbia DBMI are done sending out at this point?
  6. Can I ask how your interviews went? I saw the schedule, but it’s my first one and I’m pretty nervous for all those faculty interviews back to back. Any tips?
  7. Yes, I applied to their bioinformatics and computational bio program. No idea if they’re done inviting or not, but considering it’s soon I’m not sure how many they’d send out now? Wish I had better news, you could try calling too😕
  8. I heard back from UMass Med on 12/20, my interview date is Jan 23-24
  9. Also - my grades for fall semester came out after I sent in all my applications. I’m assuming some of you are in the same boat, are you sending in updated transcripts? Or calling admissions? I’m not sure what to do, because my grades are good but I don’t know who to contact, if anyone.
  10. I have no way of knowing this for sure - but I applied there too, and from all the looking at past year’s results and the forums for comp bio, it seemed like UPenn generally does one release early in December. I don’t remember seeing people reporting invites at later dates. 😕 I’m also curious to hear if anyone has any idea if Yale or Harvard (BIG for Harvard though) is done sending invites!
  11. Has anyone gotten actual rejections from Yale CBB, Harvard, UPenn, or Columbia?
  12. Thanks! Hard to tell - addressed to me, but the content was pretty generic/not specific to my application. But I saw someone else post on the results page a little while ago, and it said in the email that one of their interview date slots is already filled, so I’d guess that they’re releasing decisions in batches. The open dates left are Jan 23-24!
  13. Not sure if I’ve seen anyone else saying they applied here - but got an interview invite to UMass Med GSBS today!
  14. Congrats on the interview!! I also applied to UPenn and Yale and heard nothing - so I’m assuming it’s a no for me from those. I got rejected from Dartmouth’s QBS PhD, but an offer to do one of their Master’s (data health science or epidemiology) programs starting Fall 2020.
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