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  1. Congrats on the interview!! I also applied to UPenn and Yale and heard nothing - so I’m assuming it’s a no for me from those. I got rejected from Dartmouth’s QBS PhD, but an offer to do one of their Master’s (data health science or epidemiology) programs starting Fall 2020.
  2. Do other programs publish the amount of applicants they get as well? I feel like I haven’t seen hard numbers for almost any program
  3. Does anyone know if interviews for a program typically go out on just one day? So if you didn’t hear anything when others did, it’s unlikely that they’ll be sending out more?
  4. Nothing here yet - I thought maybe UPenn might go out today based on past years, and it either hasn’t or it’s a no for me from them
  5. Wow, that’s extensive! My list ended up only being 9: Brown - CCMB BU - Bioinformatics Columbia - biomedical informatics Dartmouth - QBS Harvard - BIG UMass Med - GSBS UPenn - GCB WPI - BCB Yale - CBB I’m definitely interested in hearing everyone’s updates as invites and decisions start to roll in, I’ll try and update as well
  6. I’m applying to Harvard’s BIG and Columbia’s biomedical informatics - what about you?
  7. Does anyone know if any schools (I’m guessing the answer is none) just straight out admit without interviews? Also it looks like mid-Dec is when people heard back from their Dec-1 deadline places...if you don’t hear back then do you assume it’s a no??
  8. It’s been VERY quiet here...😂 congrats on getting all your submissions in! I’m in the midst of getting them all set for submission right now, and entering that stress mode. My list right now is: Harvard WPI UMass Med BU Yale Dartmouth UPenn Columbia I’m trying to stay in the Northeast and getting a little nervous about having a top-heavy list. Anyone else applying and hoping to be in the Northeast US?
  9. Hey everyone, I saw a 2019 post for computational biology/bioinformatics/systems biology, but nothing posted yet for the 2020 cycle. I thought I'd get it started for this year because it was nice to read through a thread from last year that was separate from the biology postings. I'm curious to hear where everyone is applying to, and any news/tips anyone has as well. And of course staying updated once results start rolling in after the application deadlines. Good luck to everyone!
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