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  1. I found this under FAQ: How many applications do you receive each year? We received over 420 applications for Autumn 2020. Approximately 30 applicants will receive offers of admission. I think they are gonna take their time to get back at us... :') (or just try to think like that to alleviate your anxiety like rest of us)
  2. I got an invite to UNC BBSP! I guess UCLA (looking at potoooooooo's post) and UNC are sending invites as they are reading through applications.
  3. Oof.. it is awfully quite here. Hey guys, I just submitted my last for 2020 Fall application and am glad it is finally over. I hope all of you finish strong and good luck!! we all need it Here is list of schools that I applied to: University of Washington UCSC UCLA UCSD USC Harvard MIT BU UNC NYU NYU Sackler
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