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  1. Yes, the portal. You will be fine. I don’t think they will withdraw the offer. 🤣
  2. Got a call on 11th Feb. Then the unofficial letter via email on 13th Feb. Finally the official letter via website on 20th Feb.
  3. I got an interview invitation from Northwestern DGP in Dec.
  4. For the PhD. Although it's a combined program, I think they have separate admission process. From the offer letter: 'Although this is a cross-institutional Ph.D. program, Ph.D. degrees are conferred by a single university. Thus, a student in our program will ultimately receive his or her degree from the university in which that student's thesis advisor holds his or her primary appointment.'
  5. As far as I know, Pitts normally has interview and CMU just sends out offers without interview.
  6. Got accepted into Joint CMU-Pitt Program in Computational Biology through CMU without interview.
  7. Are you applying to Bioinformatics? If so, I got two emails about flight and hotel accommodation today. One has my name on it and the other starts with "Good afternoon, everyone".
  8. I think they have sent out interview invitations.
  9. Update (Interview): Just got an invitation from UCLA at midnight 🤣 UNC BBSP [12/6] Dartmouth QSB [12/10] Duke CBB [12/11] Northwestern DGP [12/16] Penn State BG [12/18] UCLA Bioinformatics [12/19]
  10. Update (have heard from): UNC BBSP [12/6] Dartmouth QSB [12/10] Duke CBB [12/11] Northwestern DGP [12/16] Penn State BG [12/18]
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