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  1. Meghan, you are asking if having experience in industry microbiology is good for a graduate microbio program. I'm not even going to answer that.
  2. I did my UG at UGA at the CCRC which had heavy plant bio focus. I'm not really on that side of bio but my first research experiences was in that building. Its a beautiful campus and that CCRC building I have a lot of memories studying and working there. I think Uni of TN might have a program also that collaborates with ORNL in Oak Ridge with plant bio/microbio focus. Also Cold Spring Harbor has a plant bio program thats pretty up there????
  3. I see you are west coast and applied to CUNY in nyc. You chose only 1 program in NYC and not more? Does CUNY have faculty you want to work with?
  4. looking at NYU sackler for PhD biomedical sciences and it seems the faculty are very neuro focused. Is this a neuro focused program?
  5. Hey, you are fine. Sometimes its a lot worst when you over think it. BUT you are in an academic setting, this is where you learn and explore. Your PI hopefully is understanding and just wanted to see what you are capable of. Sure you didn't get it how you wanted, maybe complete botch but be honest and let your PI know. You only grow from there!
  6. I believe Tufts university in Boston has a program Nutritional Sciences. Check it out
  7. Sorry, the templated was copied and pasted from a previous year. I will go back and edit that. edit. how come i can't change the main post?
  8. Undergrad Institution: University of Georgia (Biochem/Mol.Bio) Masters institution: Tufts University (Pharmacology and Drug Development)GPA in Major: 3.14 (B.S), 3.46 (M.S)Type of Student: Domestic Male , minority GRE Scores: N/A - applying to programs that don't requireQ:V:W:B:Research Experience: ~4 years academic experience in lab, undergrad = plant bio/mol. bio; Master's = pharmacology, also 3 years industry working on protein research. Awards/Honors/Recognitions: N/APertinent Activities or Jobs: Intern with Department of energy - bioscience division (mol.bio) Special Bonus Points: LoR from current CEO, VP of R&D, and M.S adviser and/or M.S program director Any other info that shows up on your app and might matter: 1 patent application in industry, 1 publication in journal (second author), 2 poster presentations (both academic setting) Applying to where: (PhD programs) Umass-Biomedical Sci. Harvard - BBSBoston University - Biomedical Sci (PiBS) Brandeis - Mol/Cell bio Emory - Biological sciences Icahn School of Med - Biomedical Sciences Weill Cornell - medical sciences Rutgers - molecular biosciences NYU - Biomedical Sciences
  9. Alright, I don't think there is a thread for the 2019-2020 application cycle yet (to enter fall 2020). If there is, mods please delete. I did see a neuro application for 2020 but this one is for all biomedical/biological umbrella'ed programs. Applications should start to open in a few weeks so I hope everyone has started somewhat to get their things together. This is a template that I've taken from previous years to carry over for this year. Good luck to all who are applying! Undergrad Institution: (School or type of school, such as big state, lib arts, ivy, technical, foreign (what country?)... Overall Reputation in Biology?)Major(s):Minor(s):GPA in Major:Overall GPA:Type of Student: (Domestic/International, male/female, minority?)GRE Scores (revised/old version):Q:V:W:B:TOEFL Total: (if applicable, otherwise delete this)Research Experience: (At your school or elsewhere? What field? How much time? Any publications (Mth author out of N?) or conference talks etc...)Awards/Honors/Recognitions: (Within your school or outside?)Pertinent Activities or Jobs: (Such as tutor, TA, SPS officer etc...)Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help:Special Bonus Points: (Such as connections, grad classes, famous recommenders, female or minority status etc...)Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter:Applying to Where:School - Department - Research InterestSchool - Department - Research InterestSchool - Department - Research Interest
  10. I'll be happy to read it. Shoot me a PM!
  11. i have not submitted but my SoP has become my baby for the past month or two. I think what helped me most is taking the time to write it over a month or so rather than try to write it in a week. My process was that I spent the beginning of summer drafting it. This is back in May or so of this year. I drafted it re-read it and thought it was good. I let it sit for a month before returning to it. Then mid-summer I spent more time on it, every morning at work I would read and tweak things. I looked at helpful tips on this forum and on the internet which helped me add things and remove things. I spent a deal of time re-reading and tackling one paragraph at a time. Afterwards when I had my draft finalized by myself, I then sent it to 4 friends who were in PhD programs and they helped tweak the flow. I then sent to my master's program director (already graduated from that school) to have him look it over and by that time it was tweaked to what I thought best possible. He then added a few minor changes and said it was really good. I created a final draft and sent it to a final person I thought would be most helpful and they read it over and said it was pretty solid with only 2 comments. I think its best if you have people read over your SoP, but choose and time it wisely! you don't want your previous professor to read your very first draft! I had my PhD friends do that to untangle most of the mess. Choose 2 or 3 people to read your final draft. When I say final I'm talking this is the draft you are ready to send to admissions. Spending time on your SoP I think for me was most important because in the short time frame (summer) I had, there was little I could do to further strengthen my profile. Now I have a final draft, and I only need to tweak minor things as I send to different schools. Oh and i left out all personal information, no story telling, none of that. just cut right into the experience. I had a paragraph on my first draft with some storytelling but then cut it down to 2 sentences then just cut it out altogether.
  12. I'm guessing it gets hot right when applications start opening in September. Does it pick up? coming here to find useful information and help but seems kinda dead right now?
  13. 2 questions. 1: for letters of recommendations. I know who I have in mind. Applications for most of the schools I'm applying to open in early/mid September. Its currently mid august. When should I let my LoT know that I chose them as LoT? Should I let them know now through email or then follow up in 4 weeks to let them know right before i send out the requests? Or should I wait closer to when the application opens? 2: in the statement of purpose. For programs that use acronyms. Like Schools name, BCMB (biochemistry molecular biology). Should I spell out the entire name or can I use acronyms? 3: do you guys have any specific helpful tools for CV and resume formatting? I have both formats but they were used years ago to apply into industry and the format and sections were organized differently to appeal to industry. Thanks and good luck to all those ready to apply! -T
  14. I have a list of schools that do not require GRE exams for Biomedical/Biological Science PhD. Now some of the schools I have an idea of how competitive they are but other schools not so much. I wanted to break them down to see which schools can be my safety schools and which ones are a bit more competitive. After so I can go back and look at the faculty in each of these schools to see what interests me and narrow down my choices. Again this is Biomedical/Biological Sciences PhD program Boston University Emory University (Atlanta, Georgia) Brandeis (Waltham, Massachusetts) Albert Einstein UMass (university of Massachusetts school of medicine) NYU Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Cold Spring Harbor Rutgers Weill Cornell
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