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  1. For those who applied/are applying to UPenn: I applied to the CAMB program (under Penn's BGS umbrella) last year, and I really did like it. Since interviews are all going to be virtual (I assume), I thought it would be nice to just share my thoughts on Penn since I interviewed there last year. It was a lot friendlier than I was expecting, and the PIs and students I met were all really great so I thought the environment was overall really good. The reason I chose not to go was most of the PIs I was interested in working with were not taking students for the year I was entering. Philly was not
  2. Hi! So I did a post bac at a research institute (program is independent of NIH IRTA or NIH PREP), and I thought it was super helpful. Rather than being a technician and helping maintain the lab in addition to being on some projects (the RA title is only for grad students so the equivalent job you're thinking of at my institute would be a lab tech), I only had to focus on doing the work for the projects I was assigned to by my mentors. Also, I think only the labs that have a lot of money took post bacs so I never had to worry about money regarding the experiments I was doing, which was gre
  3. Hi, so I think you have a good GPA and good research background so I think you would be a good candidate for a PhD program, but I do suggest looking at more schools as well because it is better to be safe than sorry. The only Cali school I applied to was USC so I do not have much to say about the ones you want to apply to. I believe they are more on the competitive side so it would be beneficial to look at additional schools who have research you are interested in. I was told that those who want to go into a more industry-based career should go to a school in a location that does have a lot mo
  4. Undergrad Institution: R2 State School Major(s): B.S. Neuroscience Minor(s) : Mathematics GPA in Major: 3.90 Science GPA: 3.92 Overall GPA: 3.841 Type of Student: Domestic, Asian Female GRE Scores (revised/old version): Not taken yet, but on practices I have been getting in the low 160s Q and mid 150s V and 4 W Research Experience: 2 years at a stand-alone scientific institute studying aging→ 2 papers in preparation, no first author; wrote an honors thesis 1 year at a lab at my school studying behavioral neuroscience→ 2
  5. Hi! I am applying this fall for Biomedical Sciences/ Molecular Biology PhD Programs. I want to do aging-related research (senescence) and I kind of geared my personal statement so it is clear that it is the type of research I want to do. However, I worry that it may be too specific. Would anyone be willing to read it and give some feedback? Please feel free to send me a message Thank you!
  6. I interviewed with Northwestern and am waiting for final decisions to be sent by the beginning of April. I have the BU Interview next week. I have got offers from labs at the NIH.
  7. You could always apply to the Post-Bac IRTA Program with the NIH. It is not too late since they take people via rolling admission. I have had 4 labs reach out to me since submitting my application and 2 offers.
  8. @Smeb lol thank you and I think it may be a new program or not actually an NIH PREP program. They only offer 3 assistantships and it does not directly say if it gets the money from the NIH. But I definitely think they should update their website if it is from the NIH though. I've never actually been to Boston, but it is a place I definitely want to live in for a bit to see if I like it since I've always wanted to visit. I just hope I get into one of the programs. I would be happy with any of them!
  9. Hi! I also applied to 7 programs. All the applications are in. My schools: Harvard, Northwestern, UIC, Boston U, UPenn, Mayo, Albert Einstein. I also applied directly to the NIH Post-Bac IRTA program for the Bethesda and Baltimore locations.
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