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  1. I would make your recommenders aware of the situation and let them know that they may not receive an email from the program until the deadline is pretty close, so they may want to have the letter ready to go, and apologize for any inconvenience.
  2. I’m glad to hear that you had a good experience at UGA. I love that they have an integrated plant sciences program for those who aren’t sure if their interests are more closely aligned to, say, horticulture or genetics. I will look into CSHL and UTenn!
  3. Hello all, I’m starting my fall 2020 applications for various plant sciences programs, but I can’t seem to find any recent posts about my field here. I’m interested in the plant genetics/breeding/biotechnology side of plant biology rather than the ecology side. Is there anyone else out there?? Where have y’all applied/are you looking to apply? My list is UMN, UW-Madison, MSU, UC Davis, NCSU, UAZ, and UGA although I’m worried my application may not be quite strong enough for their programs.
  4. I tried to start my application to UC Davis today, but I got an error message saying no applications are available at this time. Does anyone know when they usually open?
  5. Undergrad Institution: New College of Florida - small liberal arts college that is not very well known but has a very good reputation in natural sciences to those who know of it Major: Biology with a focus in plant cell & molecular biology GPA: N/A (school used narrative evaluations and a pass/fail system)Type of Student: domestic white female Masters: University of South Florida Major: Biotechnology GPA: 3.86GRE Scores (revised version): Q: 163 V: 167 W: 4.0 (lol >_<)Research Experience: Spent the last ~6 months of my master's working in a pancreatic cancer lab doing what my PI described as postdoc-level work (designing and executing in vitro assays using murine PC cells and immune cells with/without drug added, analyzed by flow cytometry) which culminated in a master's thesis. Spent ~3 months learning how to design flow cytometry panels, run samples, analyze data, maintain and troubleshoot machines and ran USF college of medicine flow cytometry core in the director's one-month absence. Wrote a ~150 page undergraduate thesis, including a lit review of cellular and molecular aspects of the plant gravitropic response and a bioinformatics-based exploration of potentially promising subjects of further study to answer remaining questions in the field. NSF REU at UC Riverside using confocal microscopy to study the development of a specific root tissue layer in Arabidopsis. Three month-long intensive research projects in undergrad: one focusing on bioinformatics, one focusing on cell and molecular lab techniques, and one focusing on field work studying disease on a hydroponic farm. No publications. :( The pancreatic cancer lab I worked in does have one or two manuscripts in preparation for submission now, on which I'm probably the ~4th author out of ~8 (I need to drop in to talk to the PI about this). Co-author on two presented posters and first author on a third poster.Awards/Honors/Recognitions: I received the highest level of Florida Bright Futures scholarship and the second-highest level of secured scholarships for incoming freshman in undergrad. That's really it I think? :(Pertinent Activities or Jobs: None :( Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: I have written two theses? Special Bonus Points: First-gen college student, Pell grant recipient. I think my LORs should be quite strong; one is from my undergrad academic/thesis advisor, with whom I worked very closely for most of my time in undergrad, another is from the PI whom I worked under in the PC lab, and the third will be from the director of my MS program. All three have repeatedly told me that they believe I would be an excellent PhD student. Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: Not sure...Applying to Where: U of Minnesota (Twin Cities) - Applied Plant Sciences U of Wisconsin, Madison - Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics U of California, Davis - Plant Biology NCSU - Plant Biology MSU - Plant Breeding, Genetics & Biotechnology I want to apply to two other schools that are maybe easier to get into for similar programs - I fear that the programs I have listed above are simply too competitive. UMN has an acceptance rate of about ~34% for that program but the others are around ~15-20%. Does anyone have any suggestions on other schools I should look into? Or do y'all think I have a decent shot at getting into one of the programs I mentioned?
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