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  1. @TerpsFan0130 I think you still have a good shot regardless of your GPA. Sure, some programs weed out people using an initial numbers screen, but your GRE scores are strong, and your research experience is also strong. Not every program looks at grades as a measure of what will make a great student. Are you not interested in applying to College Park? IIRC, you will pass their initial numbers screen.
  2. Maybe you can call the program and explain the issue and offer unofficial test scores for application review, while they wait to receive your official scores from ETS?
  3. Depending on the school, they can be somewhat lenient with the time at which LOR writers send in their letters. Sometimes the adcoms will still review an app with 2 of the 3 letters, which is fine if the other 2 letters are strong, because LOR writers can be notoriously slow in sending their letters and the adcoms understand that they may be writing letters for dozens of students. In my experience, the app deadline is hard for the prospective students but incredibly lax for the LOR writers. IF it comes down to the wire, contact the school and explain your situation, because that is out of your
  4. I don't see why not. Professionals move all the time, and are still used as referees for their students at their previous institutions. They would just note in their letter that they taught you at X university.
  5. IMO I think it's ok. It shows diversity in your profile and you have two other research related references. As long as the letter is favorable, it shouldn't be a dealbreaker. Are you at all interested in doing clinical or translational research? If that's the case, even better. I wouldn't freak out about it, your overall profile won't be severely affected by having one doctor as a reference.
  6. IMO, a strong LOR is a letter from a person who knows you and your research profile closely. A lot of times it is obvious when a professor uses a form letter of recommendation for an applicant, but a strong LOR will detail that you have spent a significant amount of time with the writer, that they are especially impressed with your skills and abilities, and you rank high above the applicants that they have recommended in the past. For science programs, an average acceptable LOR would be from a professor you had that was impressed with your coursework, a strong LOR would be that they were part
  7. When you are working on two 30 page reviews at the same time, all while conducting experiments for a paper deadline -__-.

  8. I feel like that's a weird question, right? Advisors are so busy and always have things on their mind, a lot of information to forget. My advisor has been puzzling and frustrating me lately. I'll come up with ideas for my project and other members of the lab,which is great, right? I'm an involved graduate student. One idea was for an undergrad in the lab to help her project .The undergrad went to the PI and pitched it, to which she said no. One month later, she comes to the undergrad extremely excited about a new idea she had, the same idea that I had pitched a month earlier? Also, she continu
  9. Originally came here to say what mathcat said, that studios for some reason feel noisier to me, especially when listening to the refrigerator kick in, or hear the ice maker working. With that said, where I live we don't have many traditional studios where the space is one room and a kitchen and bathroom. Our studios generally look like very small one bedrooms. A studio means a bedroom without a window, so there is a defined space for a bedroom, where usually just a bed and dresser can fit without a window. It has a door or a half wall that separates it from the living/dining room. Its pret
  10. I agree with Vene. I just finished all of my coursework and am looking forward to never being required to take another course again. If I choose to take a course, different story. When I was an undergrad, quite a few of the biology majors interested in going to pharmacy school said that they wanted to become a pharmacist and then go to law school to practice pharmacy law.
  11. Getting a crash course in "conference politics". Also learning that I can't assume that people will let you know things you need to do :-/

    1. chemblah


      Oh no, What happened?

    2. ion_exchanger


      Just thought that I wouldn't be able to secure travel and lodging, luckily the situation has been resolved, thank goodness!

  12. Note: this is directed at bsharpe269, and anyone else who was wondering, for some reason my quote is not working. The optional drinking hours are just that, optional. They will not hurt your chances if you do not attend. One of my interviews lasted Thursday evening through Sunday morning, and Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night the students offered to take us out to bars and such. I didn't attend any of the outings. I am also shy and reserved, and I don't drink, so I really had no interest in doing that. The students were nice, but there are plenty of opportunities to talk to them and ask
  13. The only thing standing in my way of being a PhD candidate is the last portion of my comprehensive exam!

    1. biotechie


      You've got this! It is so much nicer on the other side!

    2. ion_exchanger
  14. Waiting to see if my conference abstract was accepted brought me back to the same anxiety as waiting for grad school interview/acceptances.

    1. biotechie


      I know! I'm going through the same thing waiting on my first paper (in this lab) decision to come back. >.< It never ends. :P

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