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  1. Yeah, crossing our fingers! Let's hope we both get into the school! haha
  2. I am an international student applying for masters program in the Netherlands. Fortunately, I got an offer from the school I really really wanted to go with my favorite program. However, I didn't get the scholarship, which means I have to self fund for the next two years and I don't think I can afford it... I'm so depressed now.. I got an offer from where I wanted to study but the only scholarship I fit into was declined.... I am doing part-time job right now saving for the tuition and am planning to do vacancy work as I study there.... but those won't even afford half of
  3. I've applied to McGill, UBC, and Carleton MA in Political Science.... still no news from them.. I don't know if I should contact them or not
  4. Thank you @Theoryboi. I really appreciate with your help! How was studying IR at Edinburgh? My first option is Edinburgh and Warwick.. Exeter and Essex was my 2.5 option so I'm worried if I'd get rejected from other schools I've applied to. Yes, Dr. Oliver Turner! His research interests fit with me.. I'd be happy to contact him but right now I've already applied to the program and they are on review.. so I believe it's not recommended to contact him and show him my interest.. One of the reasons I've chosen Warwick was because it had partner school with really prestigious schools in the U
  5. I really appreciate with your thought @kaze_ng. It helped me with choosing the schools. You are right. LSE, Oxbridge is the top three schools in the UK. Then comes to Edinburgh, KCL, and Warwick. I know Warwick is really strong in economics. However, the reason I chose IR Warwick was because it is quite strong in the field (other than Oxbridge) but it also has partner program with other prestige schools in the US and Canada, for example, American University. So my plan was once I get accepted to Warwick, I'd study few semesters in other schools. I'm doing MSc for my degree and yes,
  6. Hey!! Thank you for the info @LazarusRises. Yeah, I've only looked at the British schools.. My goal is to work for the UN or other IR organizations.. and I thought studying in the UK or Europe (specifically in Netherlands or Germany) would help me with that career.. If I had a chance I'd have applied to American institutions as well.. but already passed the deadline.. Btw, I got offers from Essex and Exeter so far. Other schools will respond in few weeks. Have you heard anything of Essex or Exeter. I heard Essex is quite strong in US Politics.. but I'm not 100% sure about it.. Hope these
  7. Hello,, I would like to ask you a question. I have applied to postgraduate programs for 2020: U of Warwick - International Politics and East Asia- Waiting U of Warwick- US Foreign Policy- Waiting U of Exeter- International Relations- Offer U of Essex- International Relations- Offer SOAS- Asian Politics- Waiting Leiden University- International Relations and Diplomacy- Waiting U of Bristols- International Relations- Waiting U of Edinburgh- International Relations- Waiting Which school do you recommend me from the above? As you can see I
  8. Leiden University MSc International Relations and Diplomacy University of Essex MA International Relations University of Exeter MA International Relations SOAS MA Asian Politics University of Edinburgh MSc International Relations University of Warwick MA International Politics and East Asia
  9. Applied to McGill, UBC, Carleton for MA Politics.. no words from them yet
  10. I am going to apply for Politics and IR next year in the UK. From what I have searched through google, SOAS and Essex have top research quality and ranks in the field of Politics over other schools on my list. So I planned to apply to these two schools. However, many people told me Essex has lower name-value compared to all other schools. So I would like to get advice from here... Which school is best for Politics and International Relations Masters among the schools I am listing below? Exeter vs Essex vs Warwick vs Edinburgh vs SOAS
  11. Hello! I'm applying to International Relations program in Masters degree.. and I hope someone can help me with my statement of purpose.. It's really an urgent... SOP_12.pdf
  12. I'm available for a swap. Applying for MA in International Relations
  13. Hello,, I'm trying to apply for International Relations MA programs in the UK and I've wrote my first draft on Personal Statement. English isn't my first language so I feel there are a lot of grammatical mistakes and the context doesn't seem strong enough. Please look over my SOP and give me feedback/advice. Thank you in advance!! ________________________________________________________________________ Personal Statement China-US Trade War, Brexit and the EU, North Korea-US summit, and the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. International situation is changing dramatically by
  14. I graduated 4 years ago but I wanted to study more. So I planned to apply for the masters program and while I was searching for my old professors to ask for ROL, I found out they no longer teach at the school I graduated. They've moved to other university. Is it okay to still ask them for my recommendation?
  15. Is Political science Masters program in UBC strong??
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