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  1. Good point, thank you... I am just getting anxious and this site doesn't seem to help that anxiety lol
  2. Do you think MIT is done with interviews/acceptances? I was accepted to the REU there last summer (turned it down to do research in Italy), not that I thought I was a shoe in, but it seems weird that I haven't heard anything from them.
  3. Yale, MIT, Princeton, Caltech, Harvard, Stanford, UW-Madison, and UNC Chapel Hill are all top programs too, just saying lol
  4. That's weird. I feel like we have similar qualifications... I'm surprised you haven't heard from UW Madison or UNC Chapel Hill at least. Our areas of research interests are very different though. Your application is definitely competitive so I think you have an excellent chance. Although grad school admissions can be strange. My older brother also applied to PhD programs in chem a few years ago. He got into Madison, but not UIUC. Meanwhile his close friend got into UIUC but not Madison... so it's always hard to predict! Best of luck though!!
  5. Welp, at the age of sixteen I became blind in my left eye due to seven failed reconstructive surgeries because of an ocular muscle defect I was born with. I didn't think learning to drive while adjusting to monocular vision was the best idea, you know with new lack of depth perception and reduced peripheral vision. Don't be so quick to judge.
  6. Actually I am from the Midwest... been living in MN for 8 years now! Based on what I've read about the UC area it's not too bad without a car as long as you live close to campus especially with the bus system there. But it feels in the middle of nowhere compared to other schools I applied (Austin and Seattle for example!) What do you mean by harder? I have a friend who is in his 2nd year there for computational chem and he said the classes aren't bad and when I talked with the professor she confirmed that they're basically a requirement you have to get through, but they are low priority.
  7. I'm in materials/inorganic, but I agree they are are doing a ton of cool stuff in my field too. I can't drive either... hoping to get my license before graduation! But even then I wouldn't bring a car. But all UIUC students get a free bus pass for all of the UC area, and I think I've heard that the bus system is pretty good. But you should definitely ask grad students about that when you visit! Which reminds me, what kind of questions should we ask profs and grad students on visits?
  8. found a chemical reagent from 1949 in the lab today O.o

  9. Hi Everyone, right now I'm strongly considering UIUC. I'll ask the same questions as on the other program specific threads: Is anyone planning on visiting? What do you see as pros and cons of the program? For me, I've great experiences with the profs there so far. One I had been emailing before I applied and he is very nice and quick to reply. Another professor offered to set up a phone call with me and I was able to talk to her for a good 45 mins about the program. The one downside for me is location. It seems to be in the middle of nowhere.
  10. Congrats! Thanks for the info, I'm already visiting a school on the other weekend
  11. I applied to inorganic materials so if we weren't even interviewed, then should we assume we're out for the count.....
  12. Also does anyone know if Caltech has sent out their acceptances? I called and all I got was, "Well they have until April to decide." I am trying to make flight arrangements for ACS (I have to book by Jan 27th) and I am departing on March 21. Since Caltech's visit weekend goes until the morning of 21st it would make a lot more sense to fly out of CA than MSP.... I've lost all hope at this point
  13. Not sure, if your app was in a few weeks ahead you might be okay. I submitted mine on Thanksgiving, but my last LOR wasn't submitted until Dec 7th. For some reason my CV didn't get attached so the admin emailed me to attach it on Dec 11. I heard back Dec 16th but I was in contact with a POI before submitting it so I think that might have helped. Best of Luck!!
  14. When I spoke with Prof. Catherine Jones Murphy, this is what she told me... It's a large program. Their visit weekends are divided by subfield.
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