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  1. Update: going to Princeton. Decision is based on research I will conduct, school reputation (for job hunting in a foreign country), and advisor's connection with Chinese academia.
  2. Actually I have no idea, but since all of his student graduated in six years (one in seven years), I think the professor will fund the sixth year.
  3. Hi there, I do want to work in academia and go back to my home country after doing one or two postdoc. It usually takes five year to graduate in Madison. Madison's funding is $27000 each year for TA, advisors may give RA; Princeton provides fellowship for the first year and third year for about $28000, second year is funded by TA, fourth and fifth may be RA or TA based on advisor. Thank you for your time.
  4. Hi guys, I just visited these two schools and find myself facing a difficult choice. Princeton is more prestigious, but there are only a few choices of potential advisor due to the small department. The prospective advisor (Haw Yang, http://www.princeton.edu/~yanglab/) is strict, and it takes 6 years for his student to graduate. Madison has a stronger chemistry department, with 7-8 faculties conducting spectroscopic research (which is my interest). The atmosphere of the department is relaxed and active, I feel that people are more friendly there. Prospective advisors are Martin Zanni (zanni.chem.wisc.edu) and Randall Goldsmith (goldsmith.chem.wisc.edu/). I would like to work in a supportive environment, but professors from my undergraduate institute told me that my best option is to attend the most prestigious university in order to find an academic job (in China) . I would appreciate it if you could give me some advice.
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