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  1. Thank you for this information and congratulations! That’s very good news. If you don’t mind, can I ask which program that you applied to?
  2. But I noticed on the results page, someone already got interview invitations early this month.
  3. Thank you, I hope your interview goes well as well!🙂
  4. I just got an interview invitation from UCSD yesterday. I am wondering what the acceptance rate will be like for people who got an interview
  5. Oh no, sorry to hear that AJM would not take students, but hope you will still get interview from other two professors! Have you heard anything from other schools?
  6. Has UC Santa Barbara and UC San Diego sent all the interview invitations yet?? Did anyone get interview from them?
  7. I mentioned Dr. C.K, J. W, and A. L. B. How about you?
  8. I also applied UCLA HDP, but haven’t heard anything yet
  9. I only got an interview from UCR so far...
  10. I also applied to PhD at UBC, but I applied a different program. Have you heard anything from them yet?
  11. Anyone got any interview intivations yet???😓
  12. I have been thinking about purchasing an Amazon or Starbucks gift card for my professor. Is it an appropriate way to thank the recommenders? Any advice? Thank you😋
  13. I can totally understand your feeling. I actually made a big grammar mistake in my statement of purpose to UCLA. 😡 Yours is just a very small mistake and I think should be fine.
  14. My Professor finally submitted the letter after I sent her another reminder. Thank you for your help anyway!!!
  15. Thank you for the quick response. I don't have her phone number, only her email. I will send her another email tomorrow, but I am not sure if she will check her email during the weekend or not, especially it's Thanksgiving weekend! I hope she doesn't do this on purpose.
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