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  1. All I can tell you is that I applied to the PhD program where I got my MS as I was finishing. I was working in the POI’s research office. She was ready to hand walk me in. I was there when the folders got to her desk for review. Mine was not there—she practically had a panic attack and I remember her vocalizing “what the heck happened.” I think it’s such a unique process. I have no answer one way or the other.
  2. I applied to HDP. I heard from admissions that if you haven’t been called for an interview, generally it’s a no. All official notifications will be going out soon. This was on Feb 11. I knew I was out once I found out my POI was leaving—we talked about it in Jan—so I’m just waiting for the official no!
  3. Just waiting, patiently, on UCLA HDP here. Grey hairs in abundance 👵🏼
  4. On Twitter there’s some great discussion under #phdchat and #academicchatter about visits and interviews now. Just scroll through the posts.
  5. I don’t think UCLA is going to be sending out anything until the next few weeks. I heard Through the grapevine they hadn’t even met in my cognate yet. Plus, the info session said Feb. it’s crickets here for HDPz
  6. The other two aren’t taking any/unsure. AJM is. I applied to one school. Geographically bound by family and proximity to support system right now and this is the only dept that has captured my heart locally for some time now.
  7. AJM , RM and CSO. I think it’s down to AJM at this point. I know CSO from another project and she said she is going on sabbatical and not taking students. RM was undecided. I was actually referred to AJM by her. I really loved AJM and we have a lot in common. Fingers crossed we all get where we are meant to be. Gosh I’m getting impatient 🤓
  8. Oh nice! Which faculty are you interested in there?
  9. Also looks like UCLA has an interview posted in the admissions results page here. An SRM interview request. Just one. But gosh I’m getting anxious to hear back from HDP.
  10. I’m not sure. I want to say it may be higher ed related, based on the research focus mentioned in her profile.
  11. I saw an acceptance announcement for U of M retweeted on Twitter just a moment ago.
  12. I know 🥴 Mine are AJM and CSO.
  13. Cool! Which faculty did you have an interest in within HEOC? Looks like we’ll be waiting until Feb for interview invites. I think that’s what my notes from the info session say.
  14. Hi all, I am waiting on UCLA GSEIS PhD in HDP. Somehow, I was able to relax over the winter break. Now my nerves are getting to me. If I remember correctly, we should be looking out for interview invites in January. Wishing everyone good luck!
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