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  1. I felt the same, especially how difficult it is to talk about the results to such supportive family members. It is my first year applying and I am rejected from around 10 PHD programs I applied for. I was trying to not say anything about the bad results after receiving them because I wanted to have some good news to share instead. However, I did not get any. But it is okay because we challenged ourselves and got to know ourselves better in this process. I believe your family members will support you as always. Nobody could predict the results before doing the application. I believe the relatio
  2. is it the one under college of education? Learning sciences and human development?
  3. Can I ask which program your friend is applying for at UW?
  4. Does anyone apply to the HDP program with a child advocacy strand?
  5. Can the person who posted the interview invitation from NYU developmental psychology program send the initial of your POI? Thanks!
  6. Congrats!!! I also applied but did not hear anything from the program. I think I am not qualified lol. Have a nice interview!!!
  7. Wondering if anyone here is planning to go to the interview day of UNL.
  8. Hi, just wondering did you receive e-mail from any professor or the admission office from the OSU graduate school? I also applied to it but did not hear anything. Thanks!
  9. Thanks to the people who replied to my post! Just a brief introduction of myself and trying to find people who are applying to same schools/share similar interests. It is my first-time applying for doctoral programs, and I think I am ready to accept any result since I don't have a master's degree and already learnt a lot from the process. International student, Undergraduate Major GPA: 4.0; Overall GPA: 3.82 while finishing schoolwork in three years. Two conference second author. GRE: 155+168 +4.0 😊 Ph.D Programs: University of Washington, Learning sciences and human development
  10. Hello everyone! Wondering did someone else heard from the developmental psychology program at NYU Steinhardt? The application deadline was Dec 1st but my professor did not submit the LOR until Dec 16th. Does anyone know whether the delay will impact the review of the application or not? Thanks!
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