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  1. I sent my application to Stanford last night. I printed out the pdf of my app and found a small error in my diversity statement after sending. I left out the word "to" in a sentence that said "would like [to] further...," so the sentence now reads incorrectly. I am totally kicking myself today because I read the paragraph at least 15-20 times and didn't see the error. How big of a difference does this make on an application for a professor? All of my other materials are in good shape with zero grammar or syntax errors. I also scored a 5.5 on the writing portion of the GRE, but I feel like this
  2. Which score is better to send? 164V 157Q and 5.0 Writing or 161V 160Q and 5.5 Writing
  3. caitc

    GRE Scores

    Hey everyone, I am applying to programs like Cornell and USC for a PhD and I’m not sure what the GRE scores are that they typically want. What’s a GRE score like for a successful applicant ? Thank you !
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