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  1. I have not - and I am chalking all of my loose ends as rejections. Good luck all!
  2. Me either!! But it seems they sent notifications out according to the results section.
  3. Best advise is just to wait. They will give you an update when they have one.
  4. I am still waiting for a decision after having numerous positive experiences with POIs. I am very nervous that it could be a rejection in the end 😰 Waiting is not fun.
  5. Yes, it's very confusing. Unsure if it means 'you've been accepted' or 'thanks for applying'.
  6. I have a zoom meeting with a PI tomorrow. Any tips? I am very nervous and fear that everything will just go out the window.
  7. Yes! I'm trying to stay positive because I know its more than likely no results will come for another 2-3 weeks
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