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  1. Me too, I emailed the department coordinator and the graduate admissions yesterday and no response yet.
  2. I am still waiting for University of Colorado Boulder. They emailed me 15 days ago saying that with in two weeks I would have my result as the department has not made a decision yet. I emailed them yesterday but no one has responded yet. \ Shall I contact the head of the department or my POI?
  3. Which program at CU Boulder? Is it PhD in Communication? If so, mind I ask you when did you hear an acceptance? And did they already made all their final decisions regarding PhD canddiates?
  4. I feel like today is the day where I will hear from CU Boulder and Florida State. I checked the result timeline for Florida State they give acceptances to PhD candidates mid-March, however, there is an interview and I did not receive an invitation yet. Does anyone know Florida State's process of admission for PhD communication program? P.S. Florida state started giving out acceptances for MA in Communication and Science Disorder majors two days ago
  5. Has anyone heard from Florida State University (FSU)? Did you get an interview invite or not yet?
  6. Has anyone heard from University of Colorado Boulder? I know they gave out some acceptances as stated on the result page. I emailed the department around 10 days ago and they said they would get back to me in the next weeks. I have not heard from them yet. Do you think they are keeping the rejected students till the end?
  7. Hey guys, so I was accepted at ASU PhD Comm program two weeks ago. However, I am waitlisted for the funding. The admission office are requesting me to fill out forms to get my I-20. They told me I could wait till I get the funding or submit the forms to get my I-20 faster, but again, I am on the funding waitlist. So, basically my question is do you recommend I wait till the funding is available or submit the financial forms so I can get my I-20 faster? The reason why I am asking you is that the American Embassy in Kuwait has limited number of visitors due to the pandemic. That is why I h
  8. Thank you for your words. That is so true, I did apply to AU 30 minutes before the application deadline was about to be closed. I had low hopes honestly and I knew the result. Actually I have bot checked my portal for almost one month now to check my result because I knew it was a long shot. But the best will come for everyone, I believe that! I cant wait for today's ZOOM Call! I have some updates about stuff I wanna address!
  9. Hey everyone, I received an email from American University (AU) PhD Comm. Program yesterday requesting that I attend the MA in Media, Technology and Democracy online discussion in few days. I was confused that I received an email from the Head of the PhD program stating that I need to attend a seminar for a masters degree program when I applied to the PhD program. Seconds later, I knew my application to join the PhD comm program was rejected. So, I emailed the head of the Comm. Program to confirm my rejection. Her response was that she was very sorry that my application status has not been upd
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