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  1. Hey everyone! It is so quit here unlike last year! Let me know what is everyone up to so far with applications and schools!
  2. Hey Everyone! Good to be back again! How is everyone holding up? Ready for the storm? I am applying top 10 programs this year, might push to 20 but I think that is me being dramatic How about you all?
  3. Hey again. I emailed the department coordinator on whether i should respond by the 15th or after it. But so far no response. I emailed her yesterday. Shall I send a reminder or wait till tomorrow and email the HOD?
  4. So after April 15th, there will be a new round during summer? Do you recommend I email the coordinator to see whether I should respond by April 15th or after until a funding position has been opened?
  5. What do you mean "they will stop considering new admissions for Fall 2021 this year" you mean those who are waitlisted for funding do not have to respond by April 15?
  6. Do you think I should email the department head about alternative options or on whether they can provide me with a plane? Or shall I wait till the 15th? Maybe I send out an email tomorrow?
  7. Hey everyone, I have a question for you. I have been waitlisted for funding. However, I contacted the school three days ago and they said no movement on their waitlist yet. If a spot opens up for funding will they inform before April 15th or on April 15th?
  8. Hello, where you waitlisted for funding or admissions in general?
  9. I just heard from them and I got rejected but that was expected. So tell me what universities are you going to attend and have you finalized your decisions?
  10. Hello did anyone hear from Florida State Communication PhD program yet?
  11. So, today I got rejected CU Boulder, after being pushed for weeks to wait for a decision. I am not surprised though. I have one school left which is Florida State but I also have low hopes, they pushed the decision dates till April. Interviews where supposed to be out by the end of Feb/March, but now they are saying they in the middle of rolling admission process. So, I do not know if I will get an interview or maybe there is no interview anymore? Bitter/sweet news is that I got accepted to Arizona State for PhD in Comm. However, I have been waitlisted for funding. I contacted the school
  12. Did they tell you have been waitlisted for funding or just got an acceptance with any information related to funding?
  13. Hey there! I called the department coordinator and he answered. He was shocked to hear my name because their phones has been suspended or something. Then he told me that the decision will be out by the end of the month. I emailed him again and emailed the graduate department two days ago but no response I am thinking to reach out to the head of the program
  14. Hey everyone. I was hoping to get your advise on whether I should reach out the to chair of the program I am applying to. I have contacted the graduate coordinator and asked him about my application status he said that it will be out within two weeks and that a decision has not been made yet, however, that conversation was over a month ago. I emailed again last week and he said a decision would be out shortly, I thought he meant the same day but he told me no. So I am really anxious and I would like to know the feedback as many students have posted that they have been accepted into the program
  15. So they are still deciding who will get the interview and then make a decision afterwards correct?
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