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  1. It was last year was rejected
  2. Thank you.As i am an international applicant so here in Pakistan education system is bit different than other countries , like here our supervisor gives us topic or we choose topic after a year of course work , there is no statement of purpose or statement of intent thing. My confusion is that while contacting a POI we just mention our interested research area or a topic .
  3. I am interested in researching school administration specifically female school administrators and challenges they face in a conservative Muslim society. As this is a new field for me though i have started reading but i am bit confused.
  4. Thank you for your suggestion . I ll apply as international student as i am from Pakistan . And what i read EdD is a self funded program so its expensive for me
  5. Hi everyone, My Educational background is of Applied Linguistics. I have done thesis based masters and have teaching experience of 7 years .Now i want to switch to Education . Because i am interested in school administration .Can anyone please guide me which program should i choose. Is it possible for me to get admission in PhD ? TIA
  6. Thanks alot for your detailed reply . Program at ubc doesn't require to contact a supervisor , moreover their statement of intent is limited to 500 words only .
  7. Successful candidates please share your SOP . Obviously we won't copy but just to have an idea .
  8. When contacting a potential supervisor , do you guys mention research area or research proposal?
  9. Can anyone please help me as I don't know much about foreign Universities admission procedure. Do we need to make a proper research proposal or just a topic. For example i am interested in curriculum studies and language teacher identity , both are different research areas , so i ll just tell my potential supervisor my area of interest or a proposal. Moreover I sent email email to 3,4 professor all of them said that they are not accepting students , then how ll i find my potential supervisor 😞 ?
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