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  1. So, when should we start freaking out and deciding plans for next year? I haven't heard back from any of my schools. No rejections, interview offers or acceptances. Apparently Einstein does waves and Boulder doesn't send out acceptances (no interviews) for their integrative physiology PhD program until March/April.
  2. Anyone hear from weill cornell? saw that some interview invites just went out for BCMB and based on last year's submissions BCMB and neuro were sent out same day?
  3. Anyone hear from weill cornell? saw that some interview invites just went out. Just realized I put neuroscience as my concentration but BCMB as secondary. lol
  4. Freaking out a bit about not receiving interviews (or rejections) this late in december but it seems as though none of the programs I applied to have sent out invites except for Columbia genetics and development. Though I haven't really seen many people that have submitted results for the programs I applied for in the past. Hope my GPA didn't kick me out. Applied to mainly genetics programs at each university. (BCMB for weill cornell, human genetics for UCLA, genetics and development for Columbia, Integrative physiology for UC boulder, biomedical sciences albert einstein)
  5. Does anyone have the link to that page someone made where they compiled all of the results from each year and showed graphs and gpas for each school and program based on the results page?
  6. I had totally forgotten to send in my GRE scores for colorado, thought I had chosen all programs that didn't need them. Pretty bad on my part and ended up submitting the application 2 minutes late. Haven't received word that they are working on it but it was successfully submitted taken from an automated email. Think it will still count or no? Paid the admission fee
  7. I see exactly what you mean and have been prepared for rejections and looked for safety schools should my GPA greatly hinder my application but lately I've been emailing PIs at columbia, UC boulder and UCLA and almost all of them have quickly gotten back to me and said I look like a great candidate and want to interview/ meet with me despite seeing my GPA on my CV. I'm assuming that my current position at the NIH and my experience has made up for my GPA but I'm also not sure how much weight these emails should hold. Edit: I also would like to mention that the research I've done is very cl
  8. I don't think it's too late to reach out now, most deadlines are December 1st and reaching out is not a requirement. I usually do it just to make sure the PI's will have space in their lab if I get into the program. I know someone that waited to email POIs after he received interview invites so that he could ask to meet with them during the interview and it worked out pretty well.
  9. Hi, How are you going about addressing your GPA in applications? You have a pretty high tier school list and I do as well with some mid tiers thrown in and a 3.1 GPA but lots of research experience + awards and a post-bac at the NIH so I'm hoping those will greatly counter my GPA.
  10. I've had trouble getting fee waivers from schools. Has anyone else had any luck / tips?
  11. To weigh in on this I personally know someone that had a 4.0 GPA, multiple pubs and experience and research awards that got accepted to every school he applied to (harvard, hopkins, stanford, berkeley, WashU etc.) - I think it's pretty reasonable and if you only have limited funds for application fees and know you wouldn't accept a lower tier school's offer why not? maybe add one "safety" that they'd still be comfortable going to
  12. Hi all, good luck to everyone! Does anyone have any input on applying for clinical psych programs this cycle when all 5 years of research (1.5 in current lab and 3.5 in undergrad, two different labs) have been in genetics and not psychology? I have a lot of conferences and awards to show for my strength in research and I want to apply genetic factors in psych research but I'm worried programs will skip over me since my experience is not psych-related.
  13. eh, from what I've been told by PIs and other PhDs and my adviser is that you can take other courses and that the program you're in doesn't matter as much. I'm not sure if you understood my answer but what I mean by faculty for each program is that that specific program be it genetics or neurobiology has faculty working on the projects I want to work on and that was my determining factor. What matters for me is working in a lab under my area of interest where I can gain the skills and publications needed to pursue a career in that field. thank you for your input, though. As for clinical psych
  14. yes I am very well aware. I'm applying to programs where faculty under each program studies behavioral genetics and for clinical psychology I'd still be happy conducting research as a clinical psychologist as well as practice, I've gone over these options with my adviser at the NIH.
  15. Undergrad Institution: University of Maryland, College Park Major(s): Public Health Science Minor(s): GPA in Major: 3.7 Overall GPA: 3.1 Position in Class: no idea Type of Student: Domestic white female GRE Scores (revised): Q: 156 V: 157 W: 5.0 Research Experience: 1 year research fellowship program/ class that was created for first year undergraduate students. Was also one of the few students to win the summer fellowship and get paid to work in the lab over the summer. Research based in microbiology and genetics. 2.5 years in Molecular biology and g
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