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  1. Hi all, Congratulations to those who have received interviews and offers! To those who have, may I ask if your course is fully funded by the university? Do you have a scholarship? Thanks so much
  2. Still no news from anywhere I've applied to 😫 Has anyone here heard back from anywhere lately? Hopefully we'll hear from admissions teams soon 😊
  3. Hey all! International applicant here that also hasn't heard back from anywhere. I've applied to NYU Sackler Biomedical Sciences, Johns Hopkins CMM, Penn State Biomedical Sciences, and Roswell Park Cancer Sciences. Hopefully we find out more by the end of this week! I'll let you all know any news I hear. Hopefully no news is good news indeed!
  4. This is the million dollar question haha! I haven't got a clue. I'm hoping that this is the case. It may mean that we still have a chance for some of the programs
  5. Hi there! I'm also an international student. Out of your list, I applied to NYU and Penn State. I think interview invites have been sent for NYU. Not sure about Penn State or your other programs. I'm remaining positive though. Trusting that whatever happens, all will be well
  6. I saw that interviews went out for NYU Sackler - Biomedical Sciences, Johns Hopkins CMM, and Institute of Cancer Research PhDs. Anyone here got interviews for these programs? I haven't heard anything from them Hoping they're sending out interviews in batches...
  7. I didn't apply to any of the programs you applied to. I'm also waiting to hear back from my programs. I applied to the following Biomedical Sciences PhD programs: NYU Sackler Johns Hopkins (CMM) Penn State Roswell Park (Cancer) Institute of Cancer Research Imperial College London Very true, the wait isn't easy! I wish you all the best!
  8. Hey dna1! I still haven't heard from NYU Sackler. Hopefully we'll hear back soon
  9. Congrats on your interviews! I see you've heard back from NYU Sackler. Is this for the PhD in Graduate Biomedical Sciences program? Thanks and best of luck going forward
  10. Congrats on the interviews! I wish you the very best I'm still yet to hear from any schools I've applied to. Hopefully good news will come soon!
  11. I've applied to the schools mentioned in my original post (NYU, Johns Hopkins, ICR, and Imperial). I think I'll stick to these four for now, though I'm keeping my eyes open for other opportunities Hopefully I get some acceptances! Yes I moved back to the UK after high school to complete my undergrad, etc. Have you lived/studied in Canada your whole life?
  12. Ah that's awesome! Great schools! I'm from the UK so I'm international for the US programs. I went to high school in the US though so I'm familiar with the country In terms of your GPA, try not to worry too much. I'm glad the admissions teams look at more than one aspect of our applications! Good luck! I'll do my best to update everyone on interviews (fingers crossed I get some!), etc. We got this!!!
  13. Hi all! Is there anyone else that has applied for Biomedical Science/Biology/anything similar PhD courses for 2020 entry? I've applied to the following: NYU Sackler Institute (US) Johns Hopkins (US) ICR (UK) Imperial (UK) Where has everyone else applied??
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