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  1. I don't know if other people asked this before or if there is another place I could go to post this question, I searched and couldn't find anything, so I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place because this is my first time making a post here. I was accepted into my second PhD choice but I'm still waiting on the interview response of my top choice, both on the field of Molecular Biology. As an international applicant I feel this is a huge deal and I don't want to miss the opportunity my second option is giving me. So my question is: how bad is to email my first option explaining the si
  2. From your list I applied to University of Virginia and haven't heard anything yet, so thank you for posting that! When you contacted them did they say something about international applications being different?
  3. Is there anyone who still hasn't heard from UNC BBSP? I don't know if they just have a lot of rejection emails to send and that's because I didn't receive one with everyone else (but I'll at some point) or if not receiving one actually means something now, like a wait-list or something.
  4. nothing here either, but at least 3 out of the 6 programs I applied to are still reviewing the profiles, from what I've heard here on gradcafe.
  5. Oh, same situation here. It's summer break in Brazil so I have a lot of time to not only spend looking at those things but also to be anxious and not being able to stop thinking about these applications hahaha I mentioned in my first comment that the only program that I applied which has sent interview invites to internationals is the UNC BBSP (and it is not even the specific area I applied for), so I imagine there's a pattern there. I wish there was a way to only see the international applicants updates. But let's hope all the universities are reviewing our applications in January! 🤞
  6. thank you so much! even though I am constantly trying to search "international" or related keywords here, I probably missed that post. let's hope it's like that for the other universities too! and if you hear about Vanderbilt, please share with us!
  7. I don't know if allowing myself to have hope since I haven't heard from any of the programs is just fooling myself and I was actually rejected by all. UNC - BBSP (which I know has already sent a bunch of interviews emails, so I have accepted I probably didn't get in), University of Virginia - BIMS, University of Illinois - MCB, Vanderbilt University - Biological Sciences, Case Western Reserve University - BSTP, MIT - Biology (because I thought "why not?" haha) I am BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science with +7 years of research experience, teaching assistant for +2 years, Mast
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