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  1. OR, like this comment if we should add those columns back and have people fill in that info again
  2. Yes there are definitely differences. Like this if I should restore to a previous version that included the BAA and military branch.
  3. I can try to restore a previous version, but recent data will be lost. I don't know why people keep deleting large chunks of relevant data, like military branch and BAA ???
  4. Same, stuck in December last year and stuck in November this year. I'm glad the dates system glitch exists so at least now I know the DoD is really not interested in funding my work and can I use my effort to apply to different fellowships next year.
  5. I hear ya. Also, I just noticed a interesting trend in the google doc. The only people to not have December updates are people who applied for Biosciences. Weird.
  6. Here's a google doc we can use: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qBzKN6fLLH11WsgaoQnfcC4aECeBOOXvc8FTxhs9qfc/edit?usp=sharing It's the same format as last year. Share as much as you're comfortable with, and feel free to use a unique identifier for the 'username' part if you're lurking. The most important info is probably military branch, BAA, and dates since different branches may 'update' on different days.
  7. Thanks! I'm still in November land for now
  8. Did you also have a November update or is this your first one?
  9. I'm still at 11/12. I'm curious if anyone else has an update?
  10. I’m still at 11/12. I’m guessing they’ll do a round of cuts in December, which may or may not be reflected in a change of dates on the portal. But again, all speculation.
  11. Mine is the same. I noticed a week or two ago. I’m guessing it could’ve happened on their end while verifying apps, but who knows. Everything is so cryptic.
  12. Oof, I wish they would at least validate applications this year. Oh well.
  13. We got emails last year stating our application was validated and would continue to be considered, but theres been no word about if they’ll do that again this year or not. My personal speculation is that they’re still validating the applications in piecemeal and all November updates mean the same thing, even if they come on slightly different days.
  14. It is a mess, especially since people contacted them last year about the dates and they swore it meant nothing and then did not fix their system. No email yet, last year I got an email 10 days after submission. I think we'll probably get emails about validation early this week.
  15. Welcome! You definitely missed out on some (neurotic) fun last year! It appears that the update reflects NDSEG administrators updating the status of your application on that date, but it doesn’t actually say what that status change was. If you check out last years thread, we noticed the dates back in April while we were waiting for award results. At the time, some people had a december update and some people had an april update. Then as the days passed, the april people kept getting another update here and there. When awards were released, all of #decembergang was rejected. Some of
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