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  1. If you are an international deff try and A) contact professors ahead of time and B.) apply to more than three schools. You seem like a great candidate but I agree with the above poster, apply to more schools. Unfortunately there is no real such thing as a safety school for international applicants (or even domestic I was rejected from a school after an interview I thought I would 100% get into because the bio fields have become so competitive). Tbh you seem like you are on the right track, literally just apply to more schools!
  2. Has anyone heard from WashU's DBBS Genetics and Genomics program yet?
  3. I'm starting to think this too. From what some POIs have told me at school's I've gotten interview's at there seems to have been an increase in the number of applicants at many places over all this year, probably in part due to the waived GRE becoming more common. Also the pool of interviewees at stanford is so small i wouldn't be surprised if none of the ppl who got one was on here lol (or they are running late lmao at this point im just trying to be an optimist)
  4. They could be sending out more! It just seamed unlikely due to the number sent out in early December and based on the fact that they don't seem to send out more later on based off of previous years but again each year is subjective to the applicant pool and how much space the program has.
  5. I got interviews at BU and Chicago and they are supposed to start soon, so I'm pretty sure they are done sending out invites. You can always email the program to see if they are sending out more or plan to send out some a little later in February. Based on previous years I don't think they are sending out any more but every year is subjective to the applicant pool so possibly asking them is the only way to get a clear answer.
  6. To build off this, as of right now I'm assuming that any schools that have sent out invites that I haven't received are a no. Again maybe something super lucky could happen in the next week or so but based on the fact that these interviews are coming up very soon and the logistics + travel probably have to be arranged in advance I'm gonna say I think its unlikely. I think a lot of schools have just gotten way more applicants than normal because of how many programs have been waving the GRE + the field in general becoming more populated. I'm disappointed over a the schools that rejected m
  7. I don't think anyone has but based on previous years i think they send out the rejections in January (im assuming after people have responded to interview invites)
  8. UGH i wish they would send them out all at once lol! Im gonna take no news as good news That sound hopeful! Good luck to you, (im hoping in January they might send out a few more invites). I think im just gonna be cautiously optimistic for now about UPenn
  9. From what i can see no? I just got an interview at the University of Washington's Genome Science and I submitted a day before it was due, but I still havent heard from any of the schools I submitted in early November, so it's super dependent on the school, how many apps they got this year, when they close the admissions office for Christmas, etc.
  10. I applaud you! The only thing im clinging to at this point is other programs at upenn have been slowly releasing invites lol. I've gotten other interviews tho so i cant be too disappointed
  11. Does anyone know if WashU is done sending out invites for interviews? I was wondering because I saw some divisions like Biology & Biomedical Sciences have gone out but not others? I was mainly wondering about Molecular Genetics and Genomics
  12. Its still very very early! I looked at your list of schools and I think a lot of them send out invites a little later. Also i think the trend this year is that all schools are taking more time and sending out invites later. You applied to mostly top programs and they just need some time to look through all of the apps bc they get so many. I wouldn't read into it too much, I think most of the programs you applied to havent stared sending apps, tbh i think all schools are just doing everything late this year
  13. I wanna say UPenn is one of the one and done schools, again I could be wrong but it looks like they send out all interviews at once based on past years, maybe they send a few more after the 1st round of interviews. I guess it cant hurt to ask, but i would use your best judgement, because bothering the AdCom is never a good look.
  14. Undergrad Institution: Large State school, decent reputation in biology Major(s): Genetics (BA Graduating in May)Minor(s): CSGPA in Major: 3.1Overall GPA: 3.4Type of Student: Domestic Female GRE Scores (revised/old version): (Haven't taken it yet, taking it in a few weeks) Q:V:W:B:Research Experience: 3 years at my school + a senior thesis in the same lab, freshman summer internship at the American Museum of Natural History doing population genetics, Summer internship in Singapore studying cancer genomics this past summer at a pretty well known institution + lab in the field - All my worth was
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