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  1. Thanks for updating this! Hope we can hear something positive from them soon!
  2. For applicants who are also waiting for Princeton Molecular Biology, I contacted the coordinator and she said that they're still in the midst of the admissions/invitation process but hope to conclude it by the middle of next week. Fingers crossed!
  3. Hi, Thanks for starting this thread! My application status is as my signature below. As for applicant profile: - Top tier biomedical university in Taiwan; GPA: 3.71/4.0 (Major: 3.90/4.0) - Strong LoRs: 2 from my research mentors and 1 from a course instructor - 3.5 years undergrad and ~1.5 years post-grad research experiences (including 3 months in a US research institute) - One research paper (side project; 4th author) under revision - Undergrad research grant from Gov. - Several academic and poster awards (including one honored in an huge internationa
  4. Hi! I am also an international applicant. I applied to but haven't heard back from the following programs: Harvard MCO, MIT Biology, Princeton Molecular Biology, UCSD Biological Sciences, Duke DSCB, and UC Davis BMCDB. Except for MIT Bio, does anyone know if other programs have sent out all the interview invites? Or can I still expect them to sent out another wave of invites after the holidays? Thanks in advance!
  5. My friend (we are both international applicants as well) also applied to Harvard BBS and hasn't heard anything yet. I personally applied to Harvard MCO and all I can find are two interview invites posted by two international applicants early last week and zero domestic report, which seems to be quite abnormal. Hope there're still chances for us to receive interview invites in Jan. finger-crossed.
  6. Does anyone know if UCSD Biological Sciences has sent out all the interview invites? For those receiving the invitation, would you mind sharing when did you submit your application and got invited? Thanks in advance!
  7. I am also wondering if Harvard MCO has sent out all the invites. I saw there're only two posts of receiving interviews on 12/16 from international applicants (I*1, U*1) but none from domestic applicants. It's kinda weird... I hope MCO is still reviewing applications and would send out new waves of interview invites after winter break (finger-crossed). It really depends on the program. I am sure that some of them would hold rejections until March. Wish everyone the best of luck!
  8. Hi! I also applied to Princeton Molecular Biology and Harvard MCO but haven't heard back from them yet. Would you mind to share when did you receive the invitation from Princeton? BTW, I am an international applicant. I wonder if these programs would send out interview emails in separate batches for domestic vs international students.
  9. Congrats! I guess you just nailed it! BTW, would you mind to share your experience in the Harvard OEB open house event? Like how many applicants were invited and did they give you any information about the admissions? Thanks and hope you get your admission letter soon! : )
  10. Anyone knows that did Princeton Molecular Biology send out several waves of interview invitations or only a single huge batch? I saw someones have received invitations via phone calls in the result section. (Several ones even got it before 12/10!) Does anyone know the dates of the interview weekends?
  11. Hey guys! I applied to Harvard OEB, MIT Bio, Princeton MolBio, and UW-Madison CMB this cycle. Any information about these programs? I found Princeton and UW-M historically sent out interviews this week or the next while Harvard and MIT usually sent invitations in early- to mid-Jan. And I saw someone has already received the interview invitation from Princeton MolBio.
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