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  1. No worries, I completely understand! I think the interview will be the perfect opportunity for you to figure out if the program is a great fit for you. 😊 Given that there are several professors who are doing research that interests you it seems like the program is, at least, a great research fit! Happy interviewing!!!
  2. Congratulations on the PennState interview!!! That's amazing news 🥳
  3. Where can you see the status of an application (i.e. "under review")? On applyweb? Thanks!
  4. I encourage you to post the link! I think people will join
  5. Did anyone receive a UC Berkeley e-mail invite yesterday?
  6. How has your application improved over time? Did you only apply to very competitive programs or did you have a good range? Good luck!!
  7. Hi, I have written a SOP and a Personal Statement (diversity) and am wondering if anyone would be willing to look them over and give me some feedback? I am from an historically underrepresented group and am the first in my family to pursue a PhD, so I am a bit out of my depth here. Any help will be greatly appreciated (PM me)!
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