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  1. I can answer your first questions but not your second one I send thank you emails to all faculty I interviewed with and program leadership. Not sure if by letters you meant email or actual letters, but I tend to opt for email over sending t/y notes via snail mail because of timing and most faculty are still working from home. I keep my email brief, but usually try to personalize it. I also think it’s good practice to send thank you emails to all administrators/admin assistants and student hosts - even if they are not involved in the actual admissions decision, they still put a
  2. The standard decision date is April 15 (I’m pretty sure this applies to all PhD programs, but could be wrong), so you have plenty of time! Def don’t feel pressured to respond right away with anything other than acknowledgment/appreciation for the offer if you need time to think about it. But if you know you won’t go to a school you’ve gotten an acceptance to, it’s nice to let them know ASAP so they can offer your spot to someone else
  3. I’m not so sure about this. I was under the impression that most admissions committees (for PhD at least, med school is a completely different story) really only care about research experiences and academics. Science outreach/teaching always is a bonus but not necessary, and I dont think much weight is placed on participating in unrelated extracurriculars themselves. Maybe they could help illustrate how you might work as a scientist, (eg athlete-> hardworking) but I don’t think they are necessary for admissions into a top program. Just my (possibly incorrect) take 🤷
  4. Lol glad I’m not the only one who took the time to count literally every email address in the recipient list 😅
  5. I was also wondering about that- I haven’t gotten a confirmation either.
  6. Thank you! Forgot to mention that I am an American applicant. Wish I could give you a more helpful response but I have no idea if they evaluate international applicants for any of these programs later on.
  7. I received an invite from UPenn NGG 12/12, UCSF 12/18, and Yale INP 12/22. I think Yale might still be sending out invites! Haven’t heard anything from Harvard (assuming it’s a rejection at this point), UCSD or Stanford. Didn’t apply to WashU St Louis.
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