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  1. I chose Harvard PiN! I'm excited and scared but mostly excited. I want to focus on celebrating the decision before planning some logistics to move and whatnot you know?
  2. I definitely visited my top three choices. It helped with my decision, because I also haven't ever lived in the east coast, and had never visited a place. It also gave me a chance to meet with some students or professors that I connected with during the virtual interview. I was not allowed to go into the campus buildings, but at least I got the chance to see it from the outside, and walk around the neighborhoods/campus area I would live in. If you can make the time, I think it was worth it for me.
  3. @Mike_AB I sent you a message on this forum fyi
  4. I haven't decided yet! Still debating between a few schools...
  5. Did you see the post on the slack channel though? Apparently they will be sending out offers throughout the week?
  6. I was told it usually takes 1 week but I guess not? None of my friends who interviewed there have heard from them either =/
  7. I posted my acceptance, and I know someone else who got an email too. She got it one day before me so they might be sending emails at different times?
  8. Yes! What I also did, is look up my dream labs' websites and go to their alumni section. Looked up if the previous students were PIs and looked them up! This is how I found one of coolest POIs that also happened to be part of the admissions committee for the safety school I applied to.
  9. I signed up for the SNAAP program that was also advertised on this forum. I met with a PhD grad student that gave me some tips on what things I could work on. One thing she suggested is important to have is to have a good 20-30 second elevator pitch that you can use to explain a little of your background (where you graduated from, majors, RESEARCH). She said to practice outloud, which will allow you to be comfortable talking about your research. I'm also meeting with another PhD student for her advice and will ask the PI that I work for to meet also to discuss. If you don't have neuroscience r
  10. Hey guys Stanford started sending their invitations! I got a personal phone call and an informal e-mail. They said the formal email invitations will be given next week. Interview dates March 3rd-6th. They also said that the 14 PhD admissions committees for the Biosciences program do not operate in the same timeline so no new does not mean bad news.
  11. Maybe they're not done sending all the emails? Yeah I saw only 3 people (including me) posted interview invite results. Since the interviews are at the end of February they will probably send out more invitations early next month maybe?
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