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  1. perhaps! Although I’ve seen both a waitlist and a rejection being posted already. Have you heard back yet?
  2. For all those waiting on Columbia, I heard that they’re very slowly rolling out decisions since the past few weeks and have sent only approx 1/3 of the acceptances so far. Not sure what their strategy is, but I think that makes sense given how spread out the acceptances are on the results page. so hang in there!
  3. Honestly can someone ask a co-director at Columbia what’s going on? I already emailed a week ago, so I can’t really do that again, lol.
  4. I don’t know why I assumed that, but I did, haha. Hopefully I’m wrong.
  5. Ugh I definitely don’t feel good if the waitlists are now being sent out
  6. Anyone got offers from Columbia today? Particularly from Darcy/systems and circuits track?
  7. Maybe! I applied to systems and circuits in NB&B and Darcy told me that!
  8. I’m almost tempted to email and ask them since it’s been so long now! I know decisions were made last week so I don’t know why they haven’t been sent out yet!
  9. I think that if you haven’t received an interview from them at this point, its almost definitely a no. Although I have heard of a few rare cases where people have gotten interviews in like March or Apr
  10. They sent em out in the 19th/20th last year! Im guessing it’ll come out today or on Monday?
  11. I’m not sure that email means anything really. Sounds like an update more than anything else. Fingers crossed!
  12. I got an email from Darcy a week after my interview saying this: “I'm writing to let you know that the Systems Admissions Committee for NB&B at Columbia was impressed by your application and reports on your interviews. Our second open house is February 12th so we are going to wait until we can meet the week of the 15th to make final decisions on offers of Admission.” so I guess we should know soon!
  13. I received an email that told me that decisions are made on the 15th, so it would make sense that they start to roll out on the 19th/20th!
  14. Yep, except for CSHL that doesn’t differentiate between home and international students!
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