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  1. I’m on a J1 and it wasn’t really a long process. If it’s a university you’re applying to, they have HR that does the process and the PI doesn’t have to bother with it at all.
  2. Really want to know whether NYU is done sending out invites or not. A PI told me they had 600+ applicants and 50 were chosen for interviews..
  3. Does anyone have news about NYU invites? I saw a few post about it, but it seemed like not many did. I’m wondering if there may be another round of emails in the new year?
  4. Im sort of noticing a trend that a lot of people with interviews are computational / theoretical / math and physics background people. I heard that admissions in many schools are looking for more people with these interests, and this sort of confirms that.
  5. Do any schools send stuff on 24/25 or do we have to wait till after Christmas now?
  6. Didn’t apply for me! I was worried about that but was exempt.
  7. I applied through Sackler so here's to hoping that's a different set of interview emails.
  8. Did it look like a mass email to you? Sorry, freaking out here!
  9. Has anyone gotten rejection letters from sinai yet?
  10. I do have a US degree, but I have a friend who is also a lab tech who is from South America who doesn't have a US degree. I hadn't ever interned in the lab before! I just went onto lab pages and looked for open positions. Twitter is also a great place to look! I then emailed people (after reading at least their latest publication), got skype interviews and then was accepted!
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