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    addiction, neuroscience, obesity, binge eating disorder, motivation, reward, dopamine, sex differences, estrogen
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  1. Ugh y’all! 3 different schools, loved them all. Different feels at each. Anyone know anything about U.Cincinnati, Wake Forest, & Marquette for neuroscience/pharmacology? Research interest is in addiction & reward.
  2. Trying to make a decision on Wake Forest vs. Cincinnati. I want to teach at a small liberal arts college after grad school. Interested in addiction, which is a strength at Wake, but not so much at UC. Teaching seems to be more of a focus at UC, though. I'm much closer to UC (2 hrs vs. 8 hrs for Wake), but overall want to choose the best program for me. Any input on either program is greatly appreciated!
  3. U. Kentucky Cognitive Neuroscience is DONE sending out interviews (unless ppl cancel and they need to interview more) as of now.
  4. Emailed director & Yale INP is DONE sending out interviews – just an fyi!
  5. Anyone got the inside scoop on Vandy Neuro? Think they’re done sending invites out? #desperate 😎✌🏼
  6. Man...really thought more interview invites would've gone out today! Seems like it was another slow day at least for the ones I applied to. Signed, Email notification-induced hyperactive sympathetic nervous system
  7. I've also seen it stand for Behavioral and Integrative Neuroscience Program – the Ph.D. in the branch of Psychology and Neuroscience at UNC
  8. Vanderbilt (IGP & NGP), Michigan (NGP & Biopsychology), U.Kentucky (Cognitive Neuroscience), Marquette, U.Minnesota, Yale (ha!), U. Cincinnati (got an interview here – haven't heard from anyone else), UNC, Wake Forest (IPP & Neuro) Interested in addiction, sex differences, obesity, binge eating disorder
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