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  1. Good luck to everyone!! I applied to PhD programs @ VTech, Notre Dame, UMaine and UGeorgia. Also to NSF GRFP. Let the incessant email checking begin 🙂🙃
  2. This is interesting. Thanks for sharing. I'm curious about the "if you're not admitted then you have the option to apply to the masters." Do you mean the next year around? Or will you be recontacted if you are not accepted to a PhD program and offered the option to apply to the masters? I had been wondering about this previously and asked a couple of departments if applicants not accepted to the PhD would be considered for masters admissions, I was told that it is not a guarantee unless you indicate to the department in advance that you would like to be considered for the masters program.
  3. Thanks for your response. I graduated from UG 7 years ago and it is certainly time I stop beating myself up over not reaching my potential. I really appreciate you taking the time to both respond and offer some encouraging words. Best of luck as you continue your PhD and congrats of being accepted to such a strong Biosciences program!
  4. I would love some advice/perhaps brutal honesty on my profile. I'm quote concerned about my chance of admission. UGGPA: 3.1 from a top liberal arts college -- double major if it matters MS GPA: 3.8 from an average state university GRE: 169V/164Q/5.0 Other: first-generation, domestic 2 first-author pubs 1 middle author pub 1 first author and 1 middle author in the works 3 years working in a research lab with well known PI I've contacted PIs from each university I plan to apply to and have had Zoom meetings with each (~40mins). All said that they would love to have me
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