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  1. I recently received an interview invite from the PIBBS program. I'm an international, if that helps.
  2. Is this only for the NGG or for CAMB as well? Thanks !
  3. To chime in on the sorrow, interview invite for only 1 program out of 9 (US ones). Most likely I'm rejected from 2, no clue about the rest 6. Please let us know if you end up mailing any programs. I guess its has become more competitive overall this year while the funding situation remains the same.
  4. I've applied there too ! Congrats ! Was it a mass email or a personalized one?
  5. I hope they atleast send out rejection mails sooner. Every time I see a mail notification I get a mini heart attack.
  6. Thanks ! But isn't late December holiday season? Do ad-comms still work? I was under the impression that if I don't hear from any within this week then I have to wait until after New Year.
  7. Thanks ! The program is the Biomedical Sciences one focusing on Genetics and Epigenetics. The email didn't indicate anything about how many invites they sent out though, but I think its still early?
  8. Are all invites generally sent out before Christmas?
  9. Congrats ! Do you mind sharing your credentials? Thats a great list of schools And by any chance do you know if UPenn CAMB is done sending out invites? Thanks !
  10. Just received an interview invite from MD Anderson UT Health Graduate Program !
  11. Maybe they are just being nice by not handing out rejections before christmas xD
  12. I've applied to some programs from your list and I haven't heard back from any of them either. It looks like computational and neuroscience programs have sent out a lot of decisions already but cell/mol bio programs are taking their time (possibly because of larger volume of applications)? But I'm International so I wouldn't be surprised if I am rejected already 😕 (UPenn CAMB accepted roughly 1% of all international applicants xD)
  13. Not sure about Comp Bio programs, but several Cell and Mol Bio Programs usually share this info.
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