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  1. Right off the bat, all New York schools are hyper competitive because there are a ton of people that apply. BU is another one, where a lot of people are interested. I applied to umass med, Einstein, NYU, Sinai, and Weill Cornell of the ones on your list. Einstein/Sinai/NYU were honestly some of the biggest let downs for me because I thought they would be more reasonable target schools, but I did not receive interviews from any of them. I would be very wary of considering any mid or higher tier university in a major city (at least New York) a safety purely because of the volume of interest they draw. I turned down the interview offer I had from Umass med, but I can say they were very accommodating with scheduling conflicts. I will be attending Weill Cornell, so let me know if you have any questions about the application or interview process there. At the end of the day your fit in the program matters more than anything else, which is why I feel like I got interviewed/into a more competitive program, like Weill, than a number of others on my list.
  2. It really depends on what sub field you are interested in and which universities will have professors doing specific work you want to be involved with. Targeting your application to programs with projects/labs that match your interests is a very important part of getting in. It can be a huge help to your application when you provide them with what labs you want and why you are a good fit for those labs, and thus the program. It’s generally the last thing you do in a statement of purpose that you then tailor for each university. If done well, it shows your commitment and gives admissions a clear vision of why you fit in their department. I created a list of schools I would be interested in, then looked at the short faculty bios to see their general research topics. Each school that had 3 or more faculty working in the sub field I was interested in, I kept on the list. Then you can trim it down by diving deeper into faculty websites and recent publications or search for more departments if you aren’t happy with your list. If you are more specific with an area of research you want to pursue, people will be able to make more helpful recommendations for programs. I was looking at programs with multiple labs studying neurodegenerative diseases, so if that’s of any use to you I have a list I would be happy to share (was also primarily looking at the northeast).
  3. When I interviewed 2 weeks ago it was with 4 professors at 30 minutes each and definitely on the relaxed side. It wasn’t very intense, they just want to see that you know what you’ve done and what you want to make sure you will be a good fit. The interview I will be attending this week is 8, 7 with faculty and 1 with a graduate student. So I guess they are all variable, and the specific experience definitely depends on the person you interview with, but they seem more like a conversation than like a job interview or such. The average seems to be around 5 faculty from what I have seen and heard.
  4. Now I’m anxious because I remember filling it out, but it will let me take it again. I had been worried that there was no confirmation.
  5. From what I understand, most programs will accept roughly twice as many students as they plan on matriculating as roughly half will accept the offer. I imagine this is not quite as accurate for top programs where more than half are likely to accept, but it's probably still close.
  6. The invites they sent so far have a registration deadline of January 4th. So I would imagine if they are sending more it will be around then so fill remaining spots.
  7. I just got an interview from Weill Cornell neuro (feb 6-8th) which conflicts with the interview weekend for UVA (biology) that I’ve already committed to. Worst part is that the alternative Cornell weekend is the same as umass medical, which I have also already registered for. Any advice or thoughts if Cornell might let me come anytime other than those 2 weekends? Weill is one of my top choices so I need to make it work there. Thanks, and congrats to everyone who has received interviews so far.
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