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  1. Curious if anyone here has insights into the reputation of Albert Einstein's PhD program and if students generally like it? It was not originally one of my top choices but based on the rejections I have already received it is looking like that might end up being where I go. I really enjoyed their interview process and the students I talked to were nice as well as every PI I talked to had good things to say about the program but I know they tend to be very biased. Would also love to talk to anyone who has decided to attend there as well!
  2. Where did you see on the portal that you were rejected?
  3. I got an interview invite for Einstein on Dec. 30 and had my interview yesterday. I know they had a bunch of interview weekends to choose from so they might not be done sending out invites! I also emailed Weill Cornell BCMB and was told they are still sending out invites on a rolling basis and they will be done sending invites on Feb 1.
  4. I emailed them this week and got this response! "Thank you for your inquiry. Your application is currently under review. Our programs are notifying applicants of their interview status on a rolling basis. We anticipate this process will be finalized by February 1, 2021. We appreciate your patience awaiting a response." (I applied to the BCMB allied track so unsure if this is the same for their other programs!)
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