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  1. I heard 25-27 through this thread but I would def trust their website over that haha sorry for the confusion!
  2. I think they send out invites towards the end of January and I heard through this forum that the dates for interview are Feb 25-27
  3. I don’t have much experience to answer your second question but it’s common to send thank you emails following interviews and not weird! I think they would appreciate it and would leave a good impression. Hope the interview went welll!
  4. Has anyone heard back from UCLA or Scripps today/yesterday? I saw a few people on the results page and wondering if/ hoping they may be sending out more
  5. There wasn't a concrete deadline- the email said to email them directly as soon as possible to let them know attendance and then said to RSVP to the eventbrite event for it by the 22nd of Feb and interviews are march 7-9
  6. i received mine 12/14 and the deadline to commit was on the 1st, so I would assume they are done but it wouldn't hurt to call/email!
  7. Got it thanks for clarifying!
  8. Hi I see that you got "rejected" from UCLA? I was under the impression they were sending out another round of invites 😕 did you get an official letter or just no interview?
  9. Between the neuroscience labs I've worked in, I only know one graduate student who went to grad school directly from undergrad and he's in his 6th year now so that was a very long time ago... from my understanding it's actually recommended to take one or two years in between to get experience and really grow as a scientist. I only took one gap year but that's because I went to a school that offered 6 month full-time internships alternating with class semesters. Even with this experience, I was still encouraged to take two gap years (I didn't listen) but honestly it probably would still have put me in a better position. So I think there is no shame in taking gap years, as long as you're working to strengthen your application and figuring out if it's something you actually want to commit the next 5-6 years of your life to. From what I've heard, schools are looking for students who are pretty much already functioning at the level of graduate students and that have the potential to jump right in to the science. From personal experience, after my experiences in undergrad I thought I wanted to study solely cell & molecular biology but now I work in a systems neuro lab and my interests have completely shifted. Overall, don't lose hope and don't be discouraged if you need to take a gap year- if that ends up being the case you will be happy you did and you may have better insight into what you actually want to do... Im not trying to preach but just some perspective Hope thats helpful!
  10. Stanford sent an email after their deadline that they will send invites the week of Jan 7. And I totally agree about rejections! Lol
  11. This is the advice I've heard from most PI's / grad students so I was planning on doing the same, thanks for clarifying!
  12. the neurobiology is through the bio phd program, so its just a different track that allows you into other labs rather than strictly neuroscience!
  13. No problem! I heard from someone else on here that the dates are feb 25-27
  14. From what I suspect UPenn is done I didnt get an official rejection, but considering they sent out two rounds of invites before christmas and since their interviews are in January its likely they're done... but there is still time to hear from other schools so don't lose hope!

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