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  1. I just received admission letter from USC NGP so excited!
  2. School:SUNY Stonybrook Type: Neuroscience PhD Date of invite:1/25 Type of invite: Official invite for virtual recruitment Interview date(s):3/2
  3. School:UMass Amherst Type: Neuroscience PhD Date of invite: 1/15 Type of invite: Official virtual Interview event Interview date(s):2/9-2/10
  4. School:USC Type: NGP PhD Date of invite: 1/13 Type of invite: Official interview for Dornsife Fellowship Interview date(s):2/4
  5. International 3pubs 1pub in revision. School: Iowa Type: Integrated Neuroscience PhD Date of invite: 12/17 Type of invite: Official Invite for virtual recruitment Interview date(s):1/28-1/30
  6. USC NGP announced I am on a shortlist of USC Dorn Sife Fellowship for NGP. I am international student and very excited. However, there was no info for interview
  7. Hello guys I'm Korean (of course South) future neuroscientist. I graduated my local top 5 Univ. and have a 3yr research experience in one of national science institution. I just got an interview offer from UMass Neuro. I guess international interview offers are kinda late this year. Lets wait for more interview letters. Good luck for both domestic and international applicants.
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