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  1. Anyone know when decisions come out for Caltech NB option? I saw that someone from the CNS option posted their results, and I'm not sure if the NB option already received their results?
  2. is it just me or is pre-interview anxiety being slowly replaced by pre-decision anxiety...? why can't decisions just come out T.T
  3. Hi! I'm interviewing this upcoming week, and they sent me the email this Thursday (I would probably follow up with them if they don't contact you by the Thursday before) I hope your interviews go well!
  4. Do people know if UPenn is done sending out interview invites at this point...?
  5. has anyone here applied to Caltech? I just got an email with an interview offer & I haven't seen any recent posts about it, and I was wondering if anyone had tips/info about the interview process? What to expect, how likely is it to get admitted if you're offered an interview, etc...? Thank you guys in advance!!
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