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  1. No, University of California, Irvine! Thanks! I hope it is soon. Good luck!
  2. Any other news from UCI INP? I heard of the one person who got a call and acceptance, but otherwise the results page is empty. I had my interview over a month ago, and I want to decide where I'm going!
  3. Does anyone know when decisions from UCI Neuro are announced post-interview? Thanks.
  4. I interviewed with UCI Neuro and Cognitive Science and haven't heard anything yet. Their final interviews were last weekend. Does anyone have a timeline on UCI?
  5. Does anyone understand why there are 3 acceptances to Columbia's Psych PhD program in the results section? Did they just skip official interviews all together?
  6. You are not alone! This happened to me 2 years ago, and it really sucked. I’ve spent the last two years working as an RA in a lab I love and developing my research goals. I also applied to a few less competitive schools. This cycle, things are going better. Good luck! You will be okay.
  7. Hey! I'm so sorry to hear that. This is my second time applying, so I feel you. It'll be alright. I wanted to ask, how do you know that you were rejected from Northwestern? Did they send out rejections or did you ask? Thanks.
  8. Has anyone received an official invite from UCLA Cognitive Psychology? I received an invite for the formal interview from a POI last Wednesday but haven't gotten an official department email. I already thought it was too good to be true, so it's making me nervous! Should I follow up with the POI or wait a bit more? Thanks!
  9. I got an email from a POI saying that I got an interview. The interview dates are Jan 29-30, and the Cognitive area met earlier this week to discuss apps. I haven't gotten an official notice, but they are sending them out soon!
  10. FYI I heard a response a few hours after I posted this! Thanks for the replies everyone
  11. Has anyone who got an interview at UCI INP gotten a confirmation about their interview date? We were asked to choose one, but I wasn't sure that meant it was set in stone. Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone, I’m looking to apply to grad school to study cognitive neuroscience, but hopefully with a developmental lens. I’ve worked with older populations as well as infants and young people, and I think it’s fascinating to see the progression of cognitive functions. I’m primarily interested in individual differences in mental health, memory, and decision making. Does anyone have any suggestions for good programs? Right now I’m thinking of applying to NYU, Columbia, Stanford, UChicago, and Northwestern, but I really need some “safety” schools. My only limitations for programs are that
  13. Hi everyone! Any advice on updating my recommenders that I haven’t been accepted to any programs? I believed that my recommendations were strong, but after being rejected this cycle, I’m starting to doubt if that’s true. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Hi! Has anyone heard from the Caltech Social and Decision Neuroscience Program? I know they had a later deadline than most schools, but I'm not sure if that means they send out interviews later, as well. Thanks!
  15. I personally didn’t hear from UCLA, but there are 6 responses on the Results page, 3 from Dec 20 and 3 from Jan 7. It seems like there were 2 waves of interview emails. Hope that helps! Otherwise, I’m not sure. Good luck
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