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  1. same boat, feeling super down but you know what they say about misery... fingers and toes crossed that @sirtuingirl is right about waitlists. on the other hand i'd expect even wait-listed folks would be hearing something? or do wait-list interviews happen after an entire round of interview and offer letters? not sure how this works
  2. yes thanks so much! hard to give up on those but as you mentioned in another post in the long run it'll be easier to move on rather than dwell on possible waitlist or late-round interviews. congrats on your interview invites and good luck to you this round! hopefully it'll be the last for us both
  3. Really struggling with the lack of responses at this point, the desperation is kicking in now that 'mid-Jan' is officially upon us 😓 Is anyone still holding out hope for UC Berkeley, San Diego, or LA? I know Cal and SD sent a full round of invites before the holiday and it seemed like LA also sent out a few (?), but curious how others are feeling about these in particular or if there's any more info anyone might have about second round invites or anything like that. don't want to extrapolate too much from previous years' patterns since this seems to be an exceptional application cycle for
  4. hearing rumors that MIT BCS faculty are meeting / met today to finalize interview invites... only rumors though, no other details regarding process or timeline. fingers crossed that these invites come out this week!
  5. Submitted there after randomly seeing a PI’s tweet in the last week of Nov and looking into the phd program. Looks like an amazing program (not sure why but the new laptop for each student sold it for me lol) and many of my advisors and PIs have praised their intensive training courses. I’m also personally inclined towards a generalist approach, so I’m really attracted by the breadth of coursework and range of expertise of the teaching faculty, even though I have pretty particular neuro interests. Didn’t realize it had a reputation for competitiveness... I’d assumed way fewer people
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