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  1. Really? 😔 I've emailed Shelley/Sandra a couple times now and they haven't responded. Who are you emailing?
  2. Yes, I got one yesterday for virtual visit days (March 1st and 2nd).
  3. I think MIT BCS is coming out today. There's one post on the results board so far.
  4. How do you know Harvard is done? Is this just based on patterns from previous years or did you actually ask the admissions people?
  5. Sorry if this question is stupid. I don't know much about applying to grad school and I've never posted here. Anyways, I took the GRE yesterday. I got 164Q/165V. A couple months ago, I took a practice GRE completely blind (I'd never seen a GRE before and didn't know what would be on it) and got 166Q/168V. So I was hoping to get that or better on the actual GRE. I admit I did very little studying though. Yesterday many things contributed to me not doing as well. I had a headache and I ran out of one of the psychotropic medications I usually take every day. So my brain wasn't in the best sh
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