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  1. Oh I see, I’ll try to email them tomorrow. Id rather hear about their decision now instead of waiting 🙄
  2. Hi future neuroscientists, Did anyone get a rejection from UCSD?? I saw some rejections on the results page and I am curious to know if me not receiving a rejection yet means anything 🙃
  3. 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 I hope so, but if people reject wouldn’t it make sense for the program admission committee to send admission offers to people who they had already interviewed (that’s only my analogy)?? But hey let’s stay optimistic because I really don’t wanna repeat the application process it was such a stressful time 😩
  4. Hopefully 🙏🏼😭 I mean I expected this cycle to be difficult but definitely did not see that coming.. I am an American student studying in the us. I applied to Harvard, Stanford, UCSD, and UCI as a safety school (turns out there’s no such thing as safety school lol)
  5. Anyone else did didn’t get any interview invitations at all??? Please tell me I’m not alone 😭 I’m super bummed. I had everything lined up as I’ve I was gonna start grad school next fall, plus I have extensive research experience, first author publications, good gpa, relevant undergrad course work.. Is there still hope at this point ☹️ I don’t know what went wrong. I would really like to work on what I failed to meet to be stronger applicant in the future..
  6. I am an American student and I have my bachelors in psych (3.69). I have 4 years of neuroscience research experience as an undergraduate, and 2+ years of neuroscience and brain imaging research experience as a full time research specialist. 1 first author publication and two other publications in prep. Have lots of involvement in the field and was invited to give talks at formal conference and other relative things. And yet i did not receive a single invitation this year.. the problem seems to be with this cycle not being an international student. Most schools waved their gre require
  7. Hey guys! I emailed one of the programs I applied to and they said that they’re in the first phase of the reviewing process and invitations.. Anyone has any idea what this means?? Not sure if this is good or bad news ☹️ I’m wondering if other programs review the applications and send out invitations in phases as well
  8. I haven’t received anything from UCI either still waiting..
  9. You mean for INP?? If so that’s the best news ever 😭🤲🏼
  10. Has anyone heard back from UC Irvine INP?? They sent out their invitations pretty early last year and the year before..
  11. I haven’t heard back from uc irvine either and I’m so anxious considering that they sent out their invitations on the 14th last year.. but of course this year is different..
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