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  1. Thanks haha. UCSD + UCLA already rejected, so UCSF is my only shot 🙃. I thought UCSF interviews (week 1) went ok, but have been doubting that lately for several reasons 😭. Won't have to wait too long anymore to find out at least lol.
  2. ohh, gotcha thanks. Yeah, they admitted a handful (~7 ppl) on the 9th (2 ppl reported on gradcafe). From what I've heard, I think the rest should come out any time between this evening and Wednesday at the latest.
  3. Congratulations! Your story is truly inspiring. UCSF on Feb. 9th right?
  4. Every time I email them, they refuse to give me a clear answer, so I'm guessing we could be waitlisted or else why wouldn't they tell us we're rejected?
  5. don't eat after 5pm the day before to maximize deep sleep.
  6. I rehearsed the most common and difficult anticipated interview questions multiple times with different people.
  7. Congratulations and likewise about the rejection assumption. I wonder if more will come out soon. When are the interview dates again?
  8. I emailed them for a second update and they replied with that ambiguous response a week later. Seems to imply the possibility of a waitlist. All rejections seem to come out in mid-March based on last year's results.
  9. Versus last cycle (looks like the rejections were sent mid-March): University Of Californa, Los Angeles (UCLA) Neuroscience, PhD (F20) Interview via E-mail on 17 Jan 2020 I 17 Jan 2020 Feb 23-24. Really surprised, as I thought they were done sending interviews long time ago University Of Californa, Los Angeles (UCLA) Neuroscience, PhD (F20) Interview via E-mail on 19 Dec 2019 ♦ A 19 Dec 2019 Interview Feb 23-24
  10. Exactly! These are the only one's I have seen reported (it appears that there were two separate email invitation rounds on 12/21/20 and 01/08/21): University Of California, Los Angeles Neuroscience, PhD (F21) Interview via E-mail on 21 Dec 2020 A 14 Jan 2021 University Of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Neuroscience, PhD (F21) Interview via E-mail on 8 Jan 2021 A 10 Jan 2021 for those asking about the interview email, it seemed like a mass email but w
  11. UCLA Admissions Update (1/27/21 9:22 AM): "Thanks for your patience in my response! You are correct in the timeline for the admissions process. However, applications are still held on to by the committee and if there is any changes to the status of your application, our program will reach out to you with an update." I do not know what to make of this. Any thoughts?
  12. Yes, but to get it early, we had to email the dept and ask.
  13. Yes, I was told something similar by a current UCLA neuroscience graduate student: "UCLA requires (this year) responses from all interviewees by January 18th, and their interview process is occurring Feb. 28th - March 1st."
  14. I am planning to email them again if I do not hear anything by tomorrow afternoon. Last time I emailed them on January 11th, they said: "Thank you for your email and for your application! Currently applications are still be reviewed for the NSIDP program. We will contact you directly with any updates regarding your application and status." Edit: I got impatient and just emailed them right now (1:00 PM PST). I will post their reply as my UCLA neurograd student contact from Reddit still has not replied to my request for an an admissions update.
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